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Note: This article is about a child's game. For other meanings, see school (disambiguation).
Children playing School (c. 1880).
"Ein strenger Lehrer" (A strict teacher) (1920).
Children playing school, one girl spanks a smaller child.

School is a children's let's pretend game that is a precursor to role playing games.

It gives the players an opportunity to play a role different from one they normally play in real life. School can be played by children of any age. Typically two children might play teacher and pupil. This is an age progression role-play for the child playing the teacher, and if the child playing the student does not yet attend school, it is an age progression role-play for both. If there are more than two players, these will often play the roles of additional pupils, as a classroom setting has typically one teacher and many students.

Children can also play School with their dolls.

"School" and spanking[edit]

Many children might incorporate the child in the role play being naughty, and declare the child needs punishment such as a spanking. This spanking is normally a play spanking. This game is often favored by many young budding spankophiles.

In most cases, the child will emulate his/her teachers in the method the spanking is delivered. This would include lecturing, position used (OTK, bare, etc) and even corner time.

"School" in ageplay[edit]

Adult Children can play this game among themselves if their ageplay guardian is not available. It can also be a set up scene which leads one or more of the Adult Children to commit a punishable offense if their play spanking is too rough or inappropriate, leading to Guardian intervention.

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