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Note: This article is about a scene in a spanking or BDSM roleplay or encounter. For other meanings, see Scene (disambiguation).

A scene is an encounter between two or more people in which some form of spanking, BDSM, sexual activity, and/or related roleplay takes place. The term "scene" is similar, but not synonymous to the term session.


The term is used for:

  • A single meeting between two or more people for spanking or BDSM purposes, and all the events that occur during that meeting;
  • A single self-contained interaction between two people during a meeting that contains several seperate interactions;
  • A single interaction or connected set of interactions between two or more people at a spanking party, generally consisting of at least one episode of spanking or other punishment, and including any associated roleplay;
  • In online roleplay, a single interaction between two or more characters, usually containing at least one simulated spanking or other punishment, and associate roleplay.

The term "scene" implies that the interaction is consensual and "played". The term would not generally be used to refer to a disciplinary spanking, particularly not a child spanking. The term is also less likely to be used in a domestic discipline context.

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