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Sarah Harvey Lewis, also known as Sally Cavendar, is a British spanking actress. A brown-eyed brunette from the south east of England, she made her debut in the 1990s playing spankee roles for Red Stripe under the direction of Ivor Gold. Later, working for Strictly English and Top Marks in the 2000s, she also sometimes acted as a switch. Among her most memorable performances are Sally in The Games School Girls Play, playing opposite Catherine Corbett, and Aunt Elizabeth in Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening of Innocence, playing opposite Rosaleen Young.

Selected filmography[edit]

Red Stripe[edit]

  • An Ad in the Times, with Ivor Gold
  • Charity Begins at Home, with Sascha Lievely
  • Demoted to the Fourth, with Catherine Corbett
  • It’s in the Contract, as Tina, with Amanda Lewis
  • The Navy Lark, with Robyn Dare
  • Winners and Losers, with Miss Brown and Barbie Mel


Strictly English[edit]

  • Rosaleen’s Diary: The Awakening of Innocence (2003), as Aunt Elizabeth, with Rosaleen Young
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford 7: Client Confidentiality, as Mrs Harding
  • Bare Bottom Punishment, as Alisa, with Suzi Martell
    • aka Flirting with Danger
  • Desire, Deception and Discipline, with Jadie Reece
  • Smacks of Blackmail
  • Spank Me, Cane Me, with Suzi Martell

Connoisseur CP[edit]

Top Marks[edit]

  • The Games Schoolgirls Play, as Sally, with Catherine Corbett
  • Red Hot Punishment on a Red Hot Afternoon (2003), with Stephanie

Platinum Productions[edit]

  • Liz Brown's Schooldays

Smart Associates[edit]