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Sapphire is a British spanking magazine published in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Its subtitle was "A Fantasy Journal of Girl to Girl C.P." There were 29 issues, most of 56 pages each, with 10 to 14 pages in colour. All were undated and priced at £10.

It was one of three spanking magazines produced by Stone Castle Publishing, operating from an accommodation address in Poole, Dorset. Sapphire, Scorpion, and Viper covered different configurations of spanking (F/F, M/F, and F/M respectively), but they were very similar in format and presentational style.

Contents and style[edit]

Typically, an issue of Sapphire carried two photo-stories depicting young women in everyday clothing engaging in corporal punishment in a modern domestic or workplace setting. A lesbian element to the relationship was suggested with greater or lesser explicitness. There would also be two or three other short stories, usually attributed to female authors. Some stories referred to school punishments, but these were not shown in photographs. This was presumably a measure of self-censorship intended to avoid difficulty with distributors to newsagents. Sapphire carried a diminishing number of drawings and never printed factual articles or readers’ letters. Advertisements for spanking-related premium-rate telephone services filled three or four pages of each issue.

Early editions featured such well-known spanking models as Lesley Saye (No.11) and Lorraine Ansell (No.14). Later the photo sets routinely used models otherwise associated with the F/M website Vixen Ladies as dommes, notably Miss Lina and Chris Summers.

Sapphire was competently put together, but its contents were not very imaginative or varied. This probably explains why the title is not especially well-remembered or widely collected.