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F/F spanking on ruffle panties.

Frills or ruffles are strips of fabric, lace or ribbon tightly gathered or pleated on one edge and applied to a garment, bedding, or other textile as a form of trimming or decoration. Such a garment can be called frilly or ruffled.

Frills are stereotypically used in old-fashioned lingerie and other female garments, in women's, girl's and baby's clothes. For this reason, frilly garments are popular in French maid costumes, in cosplay, in Lolita fashion, in petticoat punishment (sissy play), among adult babies and adult girls.

Ruffle panties[edit]

A ruffle panty is a panty that is decorated with several horizontal lines of ruffles, front and back. The term ruffle butt refers to panties where the ruffles are only on the back.

Ruffle panties are featured, for example, in the 2003 spanking video Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening of Innocence by Strictly English, starring Rosaleen Young as a spankee.


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