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Rudyard Kipling.

Joseph Rudyard Kipling (December 30, 1865 – January 18, 1936) was a British author, born in India. He is best known for the book of children's tales The Jungle Book.

The Jungle Book[edit]

There is a spanking scene in one of the stories of The Jungle Book: Mowgli, after running away to join the Bandarlog (monkeys), is subsequently rescued by Baloo and Bagheera. Bagheera then spanks him.

Just So Stories[edit]


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #74
Illustration from The Elephant's Child (probably).

Kipling's The Elephant's Child (see link below) is a true spanking story. It tells the story of a young elephant who is constantly being spanked for his "'satiable curiosity". It also involves the origin of the elephant's long trunk and something of a surprise ending.

In the stories How the First Letter was Written and How the Alphabet was Made, there is a character named Taffimai Metallumai which our narrator tells us means 'Small-person-without-any-manners-who-ought-to-be-spanked'. There are no spankings in either story.

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