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Roué (sometimes spelled Roue) is a British spanking magazine originally published between c. 1978 and c. 1988. There were 72 consecutively numbered issues, plus a couple of correspondence specials. Each comprised 64 pages, 8 of them in colour. The magazine was owned and edited by Alan Bell for a time.


The French noun roué is roughly synonymous with bon vivant and bon viveur. These terms describe a person who enjoys the good things in life, especially good food and drink, or more generally, sensual pleasures. The French adjective roué has a more negative meaning of "sleeky", "cunning", "crafty".

The French noun roue, the basis of roué, means "wheel". The figurative French phrase rouer qn. de coups means to give someone a good hiding, a beating.

Publishing history[edit]

Roué No.1, priced £2, carried on its cover the explanatory subtitle ‘Spanked Bottoms and Things Like That’ above a photograph of a uniformed nurse raising her skirt to reveal her bare buttocks. By the second issue, the subtitle had changed to ‘Institutional Scholastic and Domestic Discipline’. No subtitle was used thereafter, and the covers of Roué were often fairly discreet, as was the photographic content generally. Many pictures, in the early years especially, showed young women in full-bottomed cotton knickers bending over to receive punishment. Impact shots were uncommon. Male spankers were seldom seen in full view. The content covered M/F and F/F scenarios, and the stories rarely contained overtly sexual content. School settings predominated in the early years. Later, domestic settings became the norm. The regular 'Spanker's Gallery' feature reproduced drawings sent in by readers.

The first two dozen issues were published by Roué from a succession of London addresses: 59 Ridinghouse Street W1, 40 Danbury Street N1, 274 Hither Green Lane SE13, and 21 Dingley Road EC1. The magazine was started by a married couple and when the husband died his widow had no wish to edit the publication. Publication was suspended following No. 22 but it resumed about 9 months later with No. 23 which announced that the magazine was "under new management". From No.25 in 1983, the publisher was Ram Books of 10-11 Moor Street, W1. This was a sex-shop on the eastern edge of Soho that specialised in fetishistic erotica. In the early 1980s, it also operated the Spankarama, a small cinema showing spanking videos.

Roué did not normally name the models who appeared in its photo-stories, but among the better known are Annette Poussin in No.4, Karen Thornton in Nos.30 & 35, Ruth Longdon in No.37, Stephanie Wiggins in Nos.40 & 41, Donna Dillingham in No.42, Sarah Bardot in No.43, Kathleen Astley in No.43, Denise Marsh in No.53, Wendy Collings in No.58, Ruth Chapman in Nos. 61 & 62, Penny Lloyd Fox in Nos.71 & 72, and Mel Penny in No.72. This was the final issue, by which time the cover-price had risen to £7.

In the early 21st century, a new £10 magazine called The Roué re-cycled material from early issues of Roué without explanation. It ran to six issues.

Roué Videos[edit]

Roué was also a pioneer among British spanking video producers in the years 1980-85. Its films depicted the school and domestic corporal punishment of young women in a relatively realistic way, often with considerable dramatic intensity, and some have come to be regarded as classics of the genre by fetishists who like to see spanking and caning taken seriously. Up until early 1983, most Roué releases were directed by and/or featured Alan Bell and consequently resemble his subsequent work for Blushes. Later videos included more F/F scenes.

Videos in order of release:-

New legal requirements in Britain on the certification of films released on video put an end to this side of the business in 1985. Shortly before this, Roué 37 announced ‘a whole new concept in C.P. pleasure’: the ‘Roué Tapes’. These were the sound-tracks of seventeen Roué videos sold on audio cassettes for £7.50 each. ‘They offer a new, exciting way to treat yourself to authentic CP action,’ said the advertisement. ‘We guarantee that nothing is simulated!’ Later priced at £10, the cassettes were promoted in the magazine until it ceased publication.

In 2005, spanking film-making and distribution resumed under the Roué brand. The original videos from the 1980s were remastered for sale on DVD as "Roué Classic" (20 titles) and a more recent video was categorised as "Roue Blue" (The Lecherous Lecturer, with sexual content).

New titles produced under the Roué Films banner include Discipline for Daydreaming, Discipline Revisited, Trouble with Sarah - The Office, Portfolio of Pain with Leia Ann Woods and Special Detention 2 - A Study In Punishment (video on xhampster), (pornfile video).

Scholastic Spanking and Institutional Punishments is a subcategory of videos with the titles The English Headmaster, starring Martina Stepanova and Sarah Collins, Spare The Rod (Special Detention 1), A Study In Punishment (Special Detention 2), and The Punishment of Pandora with Pandora Blake.

The Roué English Punishment Series is a co-production with Dreams of Spanking thus far featuring Edwardian era stories Atonement (Pandora Blake, Thomas Cameron) and Lost Causes (Adele Haze, Pandora Blake).

Distribution of other videos[edit]

The Roué website also sells selected titles from Dreams of Spanking (The Final Test, Adornment, Instructed, Havelock's Campaign, Caning Merit Badge, Period Punishments 1, Domestic Discipline, and Rebels and Renegades).

The website also distributes videos made my other companies such as Strictly Miss Brown, Red Stripe, Red Stripe Original (45 vintage videos), Connoisseur CP, Smart Associates (including Bottom Line and Gaslight Prods.), Moonglow, Strictly English Spankaholics, Sam Johnson, and English Discipline.



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