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Rosewood is an author of spanking stories, mainly M/f, but sometimes F/f or f/f. Most of his stories have a schoolgirl theme.

All of Rosewood's stories were originally published on or soc.sexuality.spanking, though he has not published anything for several years.

Rosewood was born in London and continues to live in the UK.

Selected Bibliography[edit]

  • Emma at School (100,000+ words)
  • "The Italian Job" (13,500 words) was one of Rosewood's earlier stories.and follows a male teacher and three teenaged girls on a school trip to a Florence. On the first night, the teacher walks in on the girls as they share a spanking game. A few days later, after the girls have been caught drinking after a visit to a hard-core porn cinema, they are given the choice of being sent back home in disgrace... or being spanked by the teacher. This theme was later revisited in one of the fantasy scenes in "Welcome Home".
  • "Welcome Home" (80,000 words) is another long story. It starts with its central character, Caroline, arriving at the door of her estranged father and asking for money to allow her to repay her debts and continue her studies at university. Her father agrees, but only if Caroline moves back in at home and accepts corporal punishment from him whenever he thinks she needs it, conditions which Caroline accepts. As the story unfolds we are introduced to Jeremy, who sets Caroline a list of tasks (mainly involving her being punished) to accomplish.
  • "A Model Pupil" (only 6,000 words) is a shorter piece and tells of Juliette Morgan's first punishment at her new school, which turns out to be somewhat different to what she had expected.
  • "In Control" (8,000 words) is a neat reverasal story about two schoolgirls who think they've got the better of their ageing headmaster, with painful results.
  • "Only Juniors Get the Slipper" (40,000 words) is the last of Rosewood's longer stories. It opens with the bare bottom slippering of a schoolgirl, Kate, by her teacher, and then goes on to tell the story of the following days from the perspectives of different people in the scenario.
  • "The Guest" (8,000 words) is an early story about a girl named Debbie who invites her friend, Polly, to visit without first clearing it with her father. He agrees only if Polly agrees to be subject to the same displine as Debbie - namely spanking. She agrees, of course.
  • "Earning It", "Physical Power" and "The Tip Off" are short stories written to the Summer Story Contest which appear on Laura's Spanking Corner