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Tribute video to Rosaleen Young.

Rosaleen Young is an English photo model, spanking actress and author.

She is a submissive from London, is 5' 2", has dark-brown hair and emerald eyes, and starred in a number of UK spanking videos as a young (19-year-old) spankee. Besides acting, according to an interview, she loves "singing, ballet, traveling, reading, writing, swimming, eating in restaurants, and going to the theatre/cinema/gallery".


Young was raised in a strict Presbyterian family and as a child "received many spankings" from her parents. She has been a submissive spankophile since her early childhood, but her childhood spankings were purely disciplinary, with no sexual connotations.

She started her career as a teen fashion model before she moved into teen glamour ("tasteful nude") and finally became a fetish model. In 1999 she made her spanking magazine debut in Privilege Plus under the name of Christina Winchester. She then worked for other UK magazines and wrote and modeled for her own "diary" column.

On a two-week U.S. trip, she worked with Internet bondage sites such as Bedroom Bondage, Bondage Café, Fetish Nation, GwenMedia, Bindher, and Erotic Distress.

Writing and acting[edit]

Rosaleen over the knee, drawing by Funbun.

In 2003, she published her first book, Fantasies of a Young Submissive, with short stories and poems (Chimera Publishing, Ltd., ISBN 1903931487), which has cracked Amazon's top 100 for erotic literature.

Also in 2003, Young created a 68-minute spanking video in a co-production with Strictly English entitled Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening of Innocence. The script was written by her, and the film, starring herself, "Aunt Sally" (Sarah Lewis), and Earl Grey, was directed by Stephen English.

Young wrote, produced, and starred in another lavish period-piece fantasy film called Dream of Destiny - A Victorian Adventure. Once again Earl Grey was the co-star. The film was released by Firm Hand Productions (now known as Firm Hand Spanking).

In the same year, Young worked with the website, "Shackled Maidens", with photographs of female models in bondage (see link below). Sortly after this they teamed up and started her own bondage site that ran until her retirement in 2005

Owing to personal reasons, Young retired in the beginning of 2005. An archive of her movies is available on Elizabeth Simpson's pay site Spank My Bottom and at

Selected filmography[edit]

Fetish Flixx[edit]

Listed below are vintage videos from various U.K. producers (Spank My Bottom, et al.) that have been reissued by Fetish Flixx (some with alternate titles):

  • Community Service - Niki Flynn
  • Disobedience, Part 1 & 2
  • Gym Mistress
  • Just a Caning
  • La Ballerina
  • Last Spanking
  • Lifestyler
  • Medics
  • No Escape
  • Not Staying
  • Not Taking That, aka Failed To Follow The Rules (CanedSchoolGirls), video
  • The Paddle and Then Bathtime
  • Pillow Fights - Niki Flynn (video)
  • Pool Punishment / Exercise
  • Private Bookcase - Elizabeth Simpson
  • Red, White & Blue
  • Rosaleen Canes and Self Spank
  • Rosaleen's Paddling
  • School Bell (aka The Bell), Elizabeth Simpson
  • Stable Caning
  • Trespassing - trespassing
  • Yes, Miss
  • Young Films: Phone Bill - Elizabeth Simpson


She is Rosaleen. And she is Young. In "Rosaleen's Diary: The Awakening of Innocence" she plays an 18-year-old girl who, especially in the beginning, manages to appear like a 12-year-old. This is one of my most favourite spanking videos, and Mozart's piano sonata No. 11 is the perfect music for this lovely film."
  Spankart, May 2006

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