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Rollin is a writer of spanking fiction who writes in a wide range of styles and genres. His stories are M/F, F/F, and F/M, sometimes mixing the orientations in the same story. His genres include contemporary domestic, mystery/thrillers, historical romance, western romance, humor and fantasy. Frequently, Rollin’s stories are not “spanking stories” per se, but are stories with a setting, characters, and plot line that features spanking but are not necessarily about spanking. Although most are short fiction and novellas, there are two novel length works, “Atonement” a private eye-type mystery, and “LaForge” a supernatural thriller trilogy.


Rollin wrote in two distinct periods, from 2000 to 2002 and more recently in 2010-2011. The writings in the early period can be characterized as an attempt to recreate the style of writers such as Paul Little and Will Henry. The principal works here were the “Certificate of Correction” group written in a pseudo-autobiographical style. These were “Certificate of Correction”, “Island Justice” and “Atonement”. Also notable in this period were “A Very Bright Girl”, “Fox and Hounds” and “The Mills Governess”.

In the more recent period Rollin has attempted to write stories with more developed characters and stronger plot lines that would enable the story to stand on its own, and not merely as a “spanking story”. The best example of this attempt is the LaForge trilogy, a supernatural thriller which consists of “The Farm of the Delphian Sisterhood”, “LaForge” and “Thermopolis Springs”.

Domestic stories include “The Truth About Andy”, “A Two Spanking Offense” and “Cynthia’s Case”.

School discipline is explored in “The Woodmont Three”, “Friday Detention”, and “Stripes”.

Historical and period romances include “Anne of Wulfstedt” and “A Princess of Vernonia”.

A western themed romance is “Tumalo Bend 1895”.

Two award winning short stories are “The Friday Night Bridge Club” and “A gift from Great Aunt Kate”.

Humorous offerings include “Love’s Passionate Frenzied Fury”, “Halloween Howler” and “Aunt Letitia’s Fruitcake”.

“Master’s Thesis”, “Troy” and “Maid Service” are F/M tales. Mixed orientation series include “A Guy at Girl’s Poker Night”, “The Paddling Booth” and “Gwen’s Sorority Days”.