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Inverted world: Student punishing his teacher with donkey cap and birch.
The husband in the spankee role: "La femme qui fouette son mary" (The woman who whips her husband), French illustration from 1670.
"Der Neffe und die junge Tante" (The nephew and the young aunt), drawing by Helga Bode.

Externally hosted image on Handprints: Little Audrey
Scene from the comic strip Little Audrey.

Role reversal is when the roles in the scene have reversed the normal or traditional power dynamic. In role reversal, the person who normally has the lower status takes a dominant approach and the person who normally has the higher status takes a submissive approach. This is not the same thing as switching unless the play partners usually have clearly defined D/s roles.


(The slash notation means "dominates", e.g. "punishes" or "spanks":)

In a traditional setting, the man has higher authority than the woman, and therefore all F/M has an element of role reversal attached to it, but less so in more modern relationships.

Role reversal in folklore[edit]

The theme of role reversal was commonplace in folk imagery and tales from Antiquity and the end of the Middle Ages through the first half of the nineteenth century. In many folkloristic traditions, a special day in the year was celebrated with role reversal elements. For example, the role of teacher and students was playfuly, symbolically, inverted. See also Carnival and Easter traditions.

Role reversal as a spanking art theme[edit]

Sometimes a spanking artist, author or film producer uses the role reversal concept in their works, for example here in Luc Lafnet's work — both from two different novels by A. W. Flogger, but clearly related:

Spanking videos[edit]

Esclaves Modernes, illustrated by Gaston Smit (1922).
Maid whips mistress in whimsical fantasy photo (c. 1900).

In spanking fetish videos, a role reversal where the "top" or authority figure gets punished is often called a turnabout (from the saying "Turnabout is fair play"). Here an employee might punish her boss, students paddle their teacher, a child spanks a parent/guardian, or a submissive slave or maid turns the tables on her mistress. In some cases a disciplinarian such as a teacher is punished by her superiors. In most stories, the traditional bottom character either physically overpowers or gains dominance over the top via blackmail or some other means.

This scenario includes a number of revenge-based stories. For example, In Comrade Balcar: The Informer (Lupus Pictures), a tattletale schoolgirl has two girls caned. Later they get revenge by caning the informer. This sometimes plays out as a two-part video. Airline pilot Dani Daniels spanks stewardess Kay in Kay's New Boss (My Spanking Roommate); Kay gets her revenge in the sequel, Kay Spanks Dani Daniels in Her Office.

In The Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency, Episode 3: Breach of Contract, Part 1 (Spanked In Uniform), a female client hires and harshly disciplines a French maid. In Part 2, the agency boss forces the client to wear a maid uniform and submit to a similar punishment.

Below are a few selected examples.

  • And Now the Cane (Top Marks), extract also sold as The Beating of the Useless Prefect
  • Anna Gets The Tables Turned (Amateur Spankings), Skylar, punished for something Anna did, gets revenge.
  • College Teacher Public Humiliation and Spanking (Spanking Them, Russia), headmaster and student punish female teacher.
  • Detention Discipline (Momma Spankings), bad disciplinarian teacher is punished.
  • Episode 120: Soccer Mom Spanking Battle (Spanking Sorority Girls), Clare Fonda
  • Episode 121: Veronica Spanks Teacher Snow (Spanking Sorority Girls), Snow Mercy
  • Episode #202: Mr. Ford Spanks Stevie Rose for Wrongful Ticket (My Spanking Roommate), meter maid spanked.
  • Gym Teacher Spanking (Girl Spanks Girl), teacher Clare Fonda spanks, and gets spanked, by students.
  • The Headmaster's Study (Top Marks), school headmaster punishes senior mistress.
  • Martial Law I & II (Mood Pictures), F/F, military guards caned for abusing prisoners.
  • Mean Mother In Law and Other Tales (Punished Brats), Ch 4: "Reversal", mother-in-law spanked.
  • Miss Morgan Makes Her Mark (Top Marks), female prefect caned by headmaster.
  • Mother and Daughter Punished (Spanked Cheeks), headmaster spanks bad student and her mother.
  • Punished For Failure (English Spankers), female tutor spanked by parents who hired her.
  • The Prefects' Pleasure (Top Marks), female school teacher caned.
  • Revenge of the Pets (, Japan), female students punish their teacher.
  • Rich Girl, Poor Girl (Girl Spanks Girl), abused Sybil turns tables on rich bitch
  • The Sexy Maid Cleaning Agency (
  • Slave Farm (House of Milan, 1991), cruel mistress overpowered by her slaves.
  • Strict Prison 2 (Pain4fem), female prison guard whipped by prisoners
  • To Amuse the Master (Nu-West/Leda Productions), slaves Joanne Jameson and Brenda Scott are allowed to dominate and whip each other to settle a dispute.
  • Top Domme (Girl Spanks Girl), Mistress Bella Bathory punished by dominatrix Snow Mercy.

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