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Final Fantasy 10 - Stills - Shiva-Yuna, an early artwork by RobM.

RobM is a spanking artist and author who resides in London, England. He was born in December, 1983, has a bachelors degree in Maritime Engineering and Coastal Design, but currently works as an Design Engineer in a small but prestigious firm in Central London.


Video of RobM presenting his spanking implements.
“Mina, ma cherie,” Rob said, adjusting instantly to terms that suited his style and the French speaking poster would understand. “I thought you read my Private Message about posting this sort of image.”

“These are interdicted images?” Asked the slim girl, still with her head tilted, a worried note visible through her musical accent.

“I'm afraid so,” the moderator confirmed, shaking his head sadly. “I thought I warned you clearly enough – you can't put things like his up. You are aware of the penalties for repeat offences after being warned?”

“Pffiou...” Mina complained, biting her lip a little with thought. “I'm sorry, I thought this new images would be okay, they are different ones-...“

"I can give you a choice,” he said. “Over the many hundreds of years since the Animé OTK buildings were founded we have a tradition – but only here in the gallery, not the forum – where instead of being reported you can take a spanking from the gallery moderators hairbrush.”

The effect on Mina was extraordinary. It was instant.”
  — Except from Short story Mina and the Moderator

Rob has been a fan of anime for many years and briefly ran two anime societies. The first of these, which did not survive after Rob's departure from the group, was started while Rob was at college in London and the second at University of Plymouth. The Plymouth anime society still survives to this day, under new management, after Rob graduated and returned to London to start looking for a job. Rob's interest in spanking began just before his graduation from college and has been a vocal member of the various online anime spanking communities in the last few years. He claims responsibility for originally ripping and uploading more than half the spanking clips in the archives of most anime sites.

Through his experience Rob has discovered himself to be a spanker rather than a spankee. He has spanked many individuals, both Male and Female in several countries, including across Europe, Mexico and Asia.

He roleplays often, usually on Instant Messengers where he only plays Male Characters - he does switch in roleplay, but prefers not to person. Allegedly he doesn't find the pain attractive at all.

His artistic endeavors had first focused on the combination of punishment or domestic spankings in anime. He prefers to draw original characters, often linked to stories, however.

Rob originally made spanking drawings in pencil, but has since switched to Photoshop to produce his art. He frequently draws manga style art featuring Mylene from the anime series Macross7 and Sakura from the series Naruto.

Rob's art tends to focus only on F/f parings, although he has a self-described interest F/m and M/m pairings as well. Oddly, he doesn't like M/f pairings. The only male spanker Rob can stand, is himself. Rob's intense dislike of belt spanking has led him to avoid this topic as a subject for his artwork and focus on other implements such as the hairbrush instead.

Rob is also an author of spanking stories, such as his series Devotion.

Currently his work is displayed on Anime OTK as well as hosting a few of his stories. More releases are anticipated in the future.


  • Devotion
    Devotion is a series written in the Warhammer universe. The series is F/f and contains both consensual and disciplinary spankings. Carried out in both formal and informal manners. There are a total of nine chapters and several back-stories written for the characters detailing their personal history before the start of Story.
  • Devotion - graphic novel
    A comic of the series was drawn and illustrated for Devotion by artist CM Zero from the Anime OTK website. RobM prepared sketches and storyboards from which comic pages were drawn, highlighted and speech added.
  • Mina and the Moderator
    A collaboration written with the Roleplayer Mina about a punishment she received In-Character for repeatedly uploading unsuitable pictures to the gallery of Anime OTK where he is the Gallery Moderator. All characters were written as their online persona's and the setting was as if the website was a privately funded art gallery and spanking institution. An excerpt can be found to the right.
  • Homelife
    Often written in a highly satirical manner, Homelife was intended as a partial-parody of spanking story cliches. The setting of the story is a suburban Japanese house and is about the attempts of the homes owner, Jamie, to control her two student tenants to whom she rents her spare rooms.

Memorable Quotes[edit]

RobM criticizes the Spanking Art Wiki on AOTK.

As one of AnimeOTK's chief administrators, RobM has a long history of clashing with both users and fellow moderators, frequently employing ad hominem attacks and invective to elaborate his points. Since the return of in 2012, Rob has publicly criticized both the Spanking Art Wiki and its owner, accusing them of promoting a "child-obsessed bias":

...good riddance, its (sic) been taken over by pedophiles and pedophile-apologists who've insinuated their way in and fucked up the articles with child-obsessed bias - much to spankarts obvious delight.
  — RobM on AOTK, 23 October 2012.

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