Rick Marlowe

From Spanking Art
For a spanko who always wanted to write fiction, it was only natural that I'd eventually write about my favorite topic. My specialty is 'first times' - for a spanker, for a spankee, or for the two of them together. What I find interesting is how such an event might happen in real life (OK, sometimes a somewhat altered version of real life). After cranking out nearly 100 stories within 2-3 years, I lost my 'muse' and suffered through a 10-year case of writer's block. I just posted my first new story in years ("Upstairs/Downstairs"). PS - As anyone who knows me will tell you, I don't write sequels.
  — Rick Marlowe's Introduction at the Library of Spanking Fiction

Rick Marlowe is an author of spanking stories. His stories can be found at Library of Spanking Fiction. He writes primarily m/f stories and is known for never writing a sequel.