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A humorous take on the days the report card was meant to arrive in the post. Comic strip by Collegeboy.
"D" Average, by Drooaygah.

A report card is an end-of-period summary of a student's performance issued by their school.

A report card is formal summary of the progress a student is making in the school. For most levels of schooling they are intended for the parent or guardian of the pupil, though at higher levels — particularly tertiary schools — they might be intended for the student themselves.

Traditionally this included a grade of some sort that indicated the reached achievement level for each subject along with a teacher's comment to personalize the information. Some schools — particularly primary schools — give two grades for each subject: one a proficiency achievement, the other an indication of the teacher's assent of their effort put into the subject, to give the parent a better understanding if a poor or mediocre grade is the result of laziness or difficulties with the subject.

Before the advent of widespread electronic communications these report cards were put in envelopes addressed to the parent and either sent home with the student, or sent via the postal system.


The report card is issued at the end of an assessment period that typically coincided with either the end of a school semester — resulting in 2 or 3 report cards for the school year, not including summer — or also midterm, doubling the number of report cards.

Some schools will also issue a weekly report card, to track difficulties so they can be corrected sooner, though these reports tend to be less detailed, limiting themselves with the progress or simply behavior for the week as Excellent/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, possibly further detailing what was unsatisfactory, i.e. classroom behavior, missing homework, paying attention, etc. Such a card might also indicate an overall similar breakddown on top of the by-subject information.

Report cards and spanking[edit]

High expectations on the report card day. Drawing by Collegeboy.

Be it concern for the child's future or simply wasting school fees, poor grades on report card day are often met with parental sanctions. These might just be a scolding but it is likely that something more punitive will follow, especially in cases where the teacher had indicated there should be no underlying reason for the lackluster results.

Where the line is drawn between acceptable and unacceptable grades will vary on the expectations for the child.

In households practicing corporal punishment, this will often mean some variation of a domestic disciplinary spanking though if the entire report isn't dealt with as a whole but on a subject-by-subject basis then the spanking could be broken up into multiple rounds or even entirely separate spankings with different severities and implements based on each grade.

Weekly report cards might also be a case for school corporal punishment. For example in a case of a secondary school which not only sends home with its students a card listing whether the student's classroom performance was graded as Excellent/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, varied the color of the card:

  • Blue for seven or more Excellent check-marks and zero Unsatisfactory check-marks.
  • White for less than seven Excellent or one Unsatisfactory check-marks. Plus, what rated the Unsatisfactory is detailed on the back.
  • Red for two or more Unsatisfactory check-marks regardless of the rest of the results; with details on the back.

Red cards were to be returned signed by a parent or guardian to the homeroom teacher the following Monday. Two red cards in a row resulted in a trip to their year group's dean for an age approved use of the strap or cane.

In addition many of the students received parental disciple for the card they brought home, punishment for a red, and in some cases their allowance was based on getting a blue.

Spanking videos[edit]

Prop report card from the video Punished Schoolgirl by User:Jameslovebirch.

As in spanking fantasy fiction, a bad report card provides ample motivation for the discipline of (mostly female) students by a parent or guardian in numerous spanking videos. Below are just a few examples. (See Examination for similar school-related punishment videos.)

A variation on this theme is the "letter from school" scenario where a teacher sends a student home with a note for his/her parents concerning a serious behavioral problem. One example is A Letter from School from Momma Spankings (photos).

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