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Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio.
Boys doing needlework in a reformatory.

A reformatory, also sometimes named a reform school, is a correctional institution for minor and first offenders.

Juvenile convicts are put in reformatories instead of normal prisons for two reasons: first, to protect them from contact with (and possible abuse from) adult convicts; second, to undergo a special training in such institutions that is designed to reform (hence the name) the young convicts by means of strict discipline, schooling, and labor.

Reformatories are usually gender-separated (most are for boys). 19th century reformatories were particularly infamous for their harsh discipline methods, including corporal punishment.

Reformatories in the UK[edit]

In the United Kingdom, reformatory CP was usually given with a birch or a cane (see also reformatory cane). Special items of furniture were used to administer CP in reformatories, such as a birching block or a birching pony.

A well-known example of a British type of reformatory is the borstal.

Britain had also reformatory ships.

Reformatories in the USA[edit]

See Minnesota State Training School for one example.

Reformatories in spanking art[edit]

"Birching in a reformatory school" by Euticus (2012).

There are a few works of spanking literature that narrate stories of reformatories.

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