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Red Stripe is a U.K. spanking club and spanking video producer that sells spanking movies from their website. The company is part of a family of affiliated sites owned by Strand Media which includes Spanking Sarah, Spanking England (which reviews U.K. sites and new videos), and Best Spanking.

Style and content[edit]

Their videos feature F/F and M/F spanking with an emphasis on strapping and caning corporal punishment in mostly domestic settings. Typical stories involve wives, daughters, secretaries, and nurses who are punished at home or their place of business. Some of their titles also have hardcore sex scenes.

Many of their performers are also regularly seen in productions by Northern Spanking and Spanking Sarah.

Several videos are also available through Strictly Miss Brown (website). Miss Brown played a disciplinarian in a number of Red Stripe titles and has since gone on to form an independent video production company. The Red Stripe video catalogue is also available from Roué (website).

Red Stripe Club[edit]

The Red Stripe Club originally started by Ivor Gold(blatt) and Camilla in 1994 and ended in 2001 after the death of Ivor. As a tribute, a successive Red Stripe Club still brings the movies to a new audience.

List of released movies[edit]

  • A Bad Example (RS172)
  • A Disgrace to the Uniform (RS135)
  • A Month in the Country (RS166)
  • An Ad in the Times (RS136)
  • Another Ad in the Times (RS139)
  • Because I Care (RS126)
  • Behind Closed Doors (RS118)
    • Behind Closed Doors 2, a Femme Domme movie, was produced under the Boys Behaving Badly Label
  • Behind Closed Doors 3 (RS132)
  • The Birch for Clover (distributed by English Spankers)
  • Burning Ambition (RS112)
    • no longer available
  • Charity Begins at Home (RS125)
  • Cross Country (RS153) (review on
  • Demoted to the Fourth (RS149)
  • Doing Hard Time (RS129)
  • Double Jointed (RS150) (review on
  • Dry Your Tears (RS146)
    • sequel of You should know better
  • For Being Impertinent (RS171)
  • For Your Impertinence,  Warning: 18+
    • includes Sorry Miss & For Being Impertinent
  • The Gym Teacher (photos)
  • Hard Lines (RS137)
  • Hay Barn Spanking
  • Indecent Exposure (RS122)
  • Is this Dust I see? (RS117)
  • Red Stripe Millennium - It's Because of You (RS---)
    • aka Dr. Brenner's Institute of Correction
    • Film was made after the death of Ivor as an attempt to keep Red Stripe Films alive
  • It's For Your Own Good (RS168)
  • It's in the Contract (RS131)
  • It's Not My Fault (RS121)
  • It's So Embarrasing (RS113),  Warning: 18+
  • It's Your responsibility (RS147)
    • prequel of Like Mother, Like Daughter
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes 1 (RS161) (review on
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes 2 (RS163)
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes 3 (RS165)
  • Keep it in the Family (RS144)
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter (RS151)
  • Loyal Employees (RS170)
  • Misbehaviour (RS154)
  • Not In Front of Her (RS124)
    • alternative title: Miss Brown re-visited
  • On Probation (RS164)
  • Out of Bounds (RS127)
  • Overstepping the Mark (RS167)
  • Please Don't Spank Me... (RS110)
    • no longer available
  • Phoning Home (RS169)
  • Punished By Husband In The Woods (photos), outdoor spanking
  • Report to Miss Parker (RS115)
  • Secretaries (RS140)
  • Sent Down (RS138)
  • Setting an Example (RS134)
  • She's Got No Right (RS156)
  • Sir Rodericks Commandments (RS119)
  • Sister Act (RS145) (review on
  • Sister Act II (With Mummy) (RS159) (review on
  • Sisters (RS130)
  • The Sleep Over
  • Sorry is Not Enough (RS160)
  • Sorry Miss! (RS158)
  • Takes Those Off, Put These On (RS116)
  • Taking Care of Business (RS152)
  • Telling Tales (RS162)
  • The Headgirl's Mistake (RS142)
  • The Long Arm of the Law (RS114)
  • The Navy Lark (RS123)
  • The New Headgirl (RS157) (review on
  • The Red Rolls-Royce (RS155)
  • Times are Getting Harder (RS148)
  • Trust Me (RS173)
  • Twenty Questions (RS133) (review on
  • We're in Trouble (RS141)
  • Wicked Seduction - Ella Hughes, (photos)
  • Winners & Losers (RS128)
  • You Should Know Better (RS143)
    • prequel of Dry Your Tears
  • You Two Again (RS120) (review on
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Video clips on the Internet[edit]

Below are weblinks to a few free video clips from Red Stripe films.

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