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Red Stripe is a British spanking company, founded by Ivor Gold and Camilla in 1994. In its original incarnation, it organised commercial spanking parties as the Red Stripe Club and made spanking videos as Red Stripe Productions. In the 21st century, after the death of Gold in 2001, the video brand was continued by Remington Steel as a spanking pay site called Redstripe Films.

The Red Stripe Club[edit]

Launched in 1994, the Red Stripe Club hosted popular spanking parties in and around London. Membership initially cost £25 per year. This subscription secured a newsletter advertising its regular commercial parties, typically [M/F] events attended by 8-10 men and 4-5 women.

The Club rapidly assumed a central place in the London spanking scene, the number of members growing to around two thousand, enough to sustain four or five parties per month. Two larger events took place each year, a Summer Party (held in mid-winter) and a Christmas Party (held in mid-summer), their scheduling reflecting Ivor Gold’s sense of humour.

The Club was subject in 1997 to a hostile exposé in The News of the World, a sensationalist tabloid newspaper. It disbanded in 2001.

Red Stripe Productions[edit]

Red Stripe Productions released 64 spanking videos between 1994 and 2001, all but the last directed by Ivor Gold. At first, they were sold only to members of the Red Stripe Club, but arrangements were subsequently made for their distribution in the USA by Ohh Tee Kay Productions.

After a few early efforts, the studio really got into its stride in 1996, engaging many of the most admired spankees on the British spanking scene. Red Stripe actresses include Barbie Mel, Yvonne, Steph, Sara Benachour, Sarah Harvey Lewis, Elena, Lesley Saye, Lorraine Ansell, Stacey Rowe, Dawn Deacon, Catherine Corbett and Donna Davenport.

In addition to playing the principal disciplinarian in twelve films, Gold sought out confident and articulate actresses to play domineering spankers. These include Miss Parker and Miss Brown, who first appeared in 1996. Miss Chambers arrived soon after, albeit initially performing as a spankee or switch.

These three actresses are known by the names of the teachers they played in a series set in St. Stripe’s School for Girls, an institution first named on the cover of a punishment book shown in You Two Again? (1996). Its senior pupils wear blue or grey pleated skirts, white blouses, and red-and-black striped ties. It is for F/F films in a school setting that Red Stripe is most famous. These titles comprise over 40% of its output.

Style and Content[edit]

In addition to its signature line of all-female punished schoolgirl titles, twenty-nine videos are wholly or chiefly devoted to M/F spanking pairings. (The company has not produced any F/M femdom stories.)

Domestic marital spanking is the subject of a series of films featuring Gold as a husband called Bill, including Behind Closed Doors (1996), Behind Closed Doors 3 (1997), and Trust Me (c. 2000). Uncles discipline nieces in the two-part Sister Act (1999 & 2000) and A Month in the Country (2000). It’s So Embarrassing (c.1995) and Keep It in the Family (1999) also have domestic settings.

Three films show corporal punishment in the context of domestic service featuring stereotypical French maid costumes. The aristocratic employers are Sir Roderick Cayningham-Browne in Is this Dust I See? and Sir Roderick’s Commandments (both 1996) and Lady Annabelle in Loyal Employees (2000). In addition, two troublesome wives are required to dress up as maids in Another Ad in the Times (1998). Military uniforms are worn in only one title, The Navy Lark (1997).

The chastisement of female office workers by their boss forms the subject of four films, among them Charity Begins At Home (1997) and Taking Care of Business (1999). Mr. Bass in The Long Arm of the Law (1996) and Mr. Dent in Secretaries (1998) are both spanking solicitors.

Doing Hard Time (1997), Times are Getting Harder (1999), It's For Your Own Good (2000), and It's Because of You (2001) depict severe, quasi-judicial punishments in institutional settings, but this harsher tone is atypical of the brand.

Most of their videos are filmed on a single set. Seven films from 1998-99 were shot in a small, stark, pale-blue room. By contrast, twenty titles in the St. Stripe’s series utilise an exceptionally well-furnished classroom set complete with school desks, blackboard, bookcases, globe, maps, sporting trophies, and gym equipment. This classroom location remains in constant use by other U.K. companies including Firm Hand Spanking, Northern Spanking, Dreams of Spanking, English Spankers, and the present day Red Stripe Films for its St. Justs series.

Five later titles were filmed at a country house with a terrace, stables, and sufficient privacy for extended outdoor spanking scenes. The interior of an historic, half-timbered home appears in four films.

Red Stripe was not adventurous in its scenarios. They typically took simple plots and classic situations and filmed them with care, sincerity, and an obvious passion for the subject matter. There are moments of quiet humour in a number of the videos, yet none attempts the caricatured comedy that is a feature of certain contemporary Kane and Paradox releases. Although some actresses wear improbably short skirts and certain videos include obviously lascivious up-skirt shots, explicit sexual activity is almost entirely absent.

The punishments in Red Stripe films normally follow exactly the same sequence: spanking over underwear, spanking on the bare bottom, a strapping or paddling, and finally a caning. All are usually carried out with some measure of formality, even in domestic settings. Regardless of this high level of predictability, the finest examples of the studio’s work are rich in mood and atmosphere, thanks, above all, to good acting.


As they were not advertised in British spanking magazines, many British fetishists only discovered Red Stripe videos via the internet after the original firm had ceased production. Today many outlets offer at least the better-known films. In addition to Gold’s consistent direction, uniform red-and-white titles and a signature tune sustain awareness of them as a recognisable brand, amounting in total to 45 hours of spanking cinema. The online Roué shop (website) sells DVDs, while Strictly English includes extensive extracts in its ‘Best of the Brits’ series.

Due to their traditional style, the original Red Stripe films do not appear overly dated. Picture definition may be lower than the standard achieved with later digital equipment, and they are not technically flawless; in several titles, the second cameraman is briefly caught in shot. This in itself, however, is testimony to the fact that Red Stripe was more ambitious than other producers in the variety of camera angles that it sought, even in confined spaces. A few films make occasional use of a split-screen format to show the spankee’s bottom and face simultaneously. Comparatively sophisticated editing distinguishes much of Red Stripe’s output.

List of released movies (1994-2001)[edit]

  • Please Don't Spank Me, Camilla (1994) 50 mins. (RS110)
    • Frank (Ivor Gold) sends troublesome lodger Sally (Yvonne) to see his niece Camilla
    • aka Am I Going to be Spanked, Frank?
  • (No video numbered RS111 was ever released.)
  • Burning Ambition (1994), 48 mins. (RS112)
  • It's So Embarrassing, 68 mins. (RS113)
    • Gary Robinson spanks his wife Jacqui, his daughter Joanne, and her teacher Miss Perkins (Mel Penny).
  • The Long Arm of the Law (1996) 35 mins. (RS114)
    • Solicitor David Bass offers corporal punishment as an alternative to dismissal after his legal clerk Michelle Dixon (Rachel) and secretary Julie mishandle a conveyance.
  • Report to Miss Parker (1996) 29 mins. (RS115)
    • Schoolgirls Perkins (Yvonne) and Thomas know that Miss Parker is a strict disciplinarian.
  • Takes Those Off, Put These On (1996) 41 mins. (RS116)
    • Geoff sends his extravagant wife Susie to a correction service run by Mr Parsons and his assistant Elaine (Barbie Mel).
  • Is this Dust I See? (1996) 48 mins. (RS117), video
    • At Cayningham Castle in 1932, Sir Roderick Cayningham-Brown enjoys finding fault with the work of his French maids, Daisy and Edith (Isabella).
  • Behind Closed Doors (1996) 45 mins. (RS118)
    • After his attention-seeking wife Hilary (Steph) has been caught shoplifting, Bill (Ivor Gold) deals with the matter, despite knowing that their neighbours will overhear the spanks.
    • Behind Closed Doors 2, an F/M film concerning the neighbours, was produced under the Boys Behaving Badly label.
  • Sir Roderick’s Commandments (1996) 60 mins. (RS119)
    • Sequel to Is this Dust I See?; Sir Roderick finds that Edith (Isabella) has failed to teach Daisy his ‘Ten Commandments’ for receiving corporal punishment.
  • You Two Again? (1996) 47 mins. (RS120)
  • It's Not My Fault! 28 mins. (RS121)
    • When teacher Miss Ford (Sara Benachour) invites student Becky (Zoe) out for a drink, the headmaster Mr Hutchins strongly disapproves.
  • Indecent Exposure 56 mins. (RS122)
    • The headmaster (Ivor Gold) learns that Zoe and Jacqui (Miss Chambers) have been taking dangerous slimming pills because they think their bottoms are too big.
  • The Navy Lark (1997) 31 mins. (RS123)
    • Two women in the Royal Navy, Barker (Sarah Harvey Lewis) and Richmond (Robyn Dare), an American on secondment, beg their Commander for an alternative to a court martial.
  • Not In Front of Her (1997) 46 mins. (RS124)
    • Head Girl Philippa (Steph) is dismayed to be punished by Miss Brown in the presence of Joanne (Yvonne).
    • aka Miss Brown Re-visited
  • Charity Begins at Home (1997) 34 mins. (RS125), video
    • Charity administrator punishes secretaries, Julia (Sascha Lievely) and Barbara (Sarah Harvey Lewis) for embezzling funds.
  • Because I Care (1997) 47 mins. (RS126)
    • When his daughter Lindsay gets a large tattoo, Robert (Ivor Gold) also blames her teacher Miss Taylor (Suzi Martell) and his wife Carmen (Isabella).
  • Out of Bounds (1997) 29 mins. (RS127)
    • The headmaster punishes Helen and Joanne (Miss Chambers) for smoking and drinking in a local park.
  • Winners & Losers (1997) 35 mins. (RS128)
  • Doing Hard Time (1997) 47 mins. (RS129)
    • Observed by three officials, two prison officers (Miss Brown & Tiffany Jones) flog two inmates, Lake (Yvonne) and Jones, for drug offences.
  • Sisters (1997) 33 mins. (RS130)
    • Sarah tells her elder sister, Joanne (Heather Chittenden), that Miss Brown has spanked her; when Joanne goes to complain, she finds herself re-living her own school punishments.
  • It's in the Contract (1997) 33 mins. (RS131)
    • Sarah (Sarah Harvey Lewis) has unwittingly signed a tenancy agreement that allows her landlord to spank her if she breaches its terms; American tenant Tina (Amanda Lewis) knows his ways.
  • Behind Closed Doors 3 (1997) 60 mins. (RS132)
    • Persuaded by her friend Tippy, Hilary (Steph) ignores instructions not to drive a dangerous car; Bill (Ivor Gold) punishes them both, witnessed by Tippy’s niece, Claire.
    • sequel to Behind Closed Doors
  • Twenty Questions, 40 mins. (RS133)
    • Miss Brown catches two of her pupils drinking and smoking.
  • Setting an Example, 64 mins (RS134)
    • Miss Thompson (Miss Chambers) angers the headmaster, Mr Davies, when she spanks Wendy (Lesley Saye) for slacking in gym lessons.
  • A Disgrace to the Uniform (1998) 31 mins. (RS135)
    • Emma and Claudia (Lorraine Ansell) are punished by Miss Brown for shoplifting.
  • An Ad in the Times (1998) 73 mins. (RS136), video
    • Jennifer Harris (Miss Hayworth) is sent by her exasperated husband to see Mr Taylor (Ivor Gold), a professional disciplinarian; Sarah Burton (Sarah Harvey Lewis) is one of his regulars.
  • Hard Lines (1998) 34 mins. (RS137)
    • Chanel (Lorraine Ansell) and Sarah have been reported to Miss Brown for ‘misbehaving with each other’ in the changing room after a swimming competition.
  • Sent Down: The Return of Miss Parker (1998) 29 mins. (RS138)
  • Another Ad in the Times (1998) 53 mins. (RS139)
    • Mrs Harris (Miss Hayworth) pays a second visit to Mr Taylor (Ivor Gold), who requires her to work as his maid alongside Jane Carver (Kara Jayne Dempsey); their work is unsatisfactory.
  • Secretaries (1998) 42 mins. (RS140), video
    • Two legal secretaries, Miss Sullivan (Sara Benachour) and Miss Taylor (Miss Chambers), are punished by Mr Dent for errors in a commercial contract.
  • We're in Trouble (1999) 34 mins. (RS141)
    • In the detention room at St Stripe’s, Miss Parker deals with head girl Trudy Marshall (Lesley Saye) and newcomer Cindy Gleeson.
  • The Head Girl's Mistake (1999) 52 mins. (RS142)
    • Jane (Hayley Russell) punishes Deborah (Elena) for bullying; Mr Grey punishes Jane for exceeding her powers.
  • You Should Know Better (1999) 37 mins. (RS143)
    • Miss Parker catches Cindy Gleeson and Julie Reynolds (Elena) cheating in a history test.
    • prequel of Dry Your Tears
  • Keep it in the Family (1999) 63 mins. (RS144)
    • When Julia (Stacey Rowe) moves in with her brother-in-law Paul (Ivor Gold), she finds herself subject to the same discipline as his wife Cassie (Miss Hayworth).
  • Sister Act (1999) 46 mins. (RS145)
    • After they come home very late, Anna (Elena) and her elder sister Sophie (Amanda) are sent by their mother to Uncle Jack for punishment.
  • Dry Your Tears (1999) 40 mins. (RS146)
    • Cindy Gleeson and Julie Reynolds (Elena) return to take geography and literature tests with Miss Parker.
    • 'sequel of You Should Know Better
  • It's Your Responsibility (1999) 36 mins. (RS147)
    • Miss Spencer (Miss Chambers) holds Mrs Hunter-Forbes (Dawn Deacon) to account for the bad behaviour of her daughter at school.
  • Times are Getting Harder (1999) 42 mins. (RS148)
  • Demoted to the Fourth (1999) 42 mins. (RS 149)
  • Double Jointed (1999) 48 mins. (RS150)
    • The headmaster (Ivor Gold) catches Sarah (Donna Warner) and Jane (Hayley Russell) smoking marijuana.
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter (1999) 47 mins. (RS151)
    • Mrs Hunter-Ford (Dawn Deacon) gives Monica (Catherine Corbett) a spanking, as instructed, but Miss Spencer (Miss Chambers) thinks it inadequate.
    • sequel of It's Your Responsibility
  • Taking Care of Business (1999) 30 mins. (RS152), video
    • Miss Hudson, owner of the Red Stripe Secretarial Agency, receives a complaint about the work of Brandy and Sarah.
  • Cross Country (1999) 39 mins. (RS153)
    • Mr Johnson catches Julia (Sam Johnson) and Maria sitting in a field and smoking when they should be competing in a cross-country run.
  • Misbehaviour (1999) 45 mins. (RS154)
    • Gregory (Kara Jane Dempsey) and Jennings (Jo) eavesdrop on each other’s chastisements by the headmaster Dr Thompson (Ivor Gold).
  • The Red Rolls-Royce (1999) 37 mins. (RS155)
    • Her ladyship (Dawn Deacon) punishes her chauffeuse Matthews for dangerous driving; Sir Robert holds his wife partly responsible.
  • She's Got No Right (1999) 31 mins. (RS156)
    • Miss Parker punishes Trudy Marshall (Lesley Saye) and Samantha Wilde over a wooden gymnasium vaulting box.
  • The New Head Girl (1999) 32 mins. (RS157), video
    • Sarah (Suzi Jarman) discovers Natalie and Nicola smoking and drinking and reports them to Maria (Miss Chambers), the new Head Girl.
  • Sorry Miss! 31 mins. (RS158); re-issued on Best of the Brits, Vol. 26 (Strictly English)
  • Sister Act (Part 2) with Mummy (2000) 49 mins. (RS159)
    • Uncle Jack again disciplines Lucy (Elena) and Amanda, before addressing the shortcomings of their mother Margaret (Sue Ellis).
    • A sequel to Sister Act, but the sisters have different names.
  • Sorry is Not Enough (2000) 30 mins. (RS160)
    • Miss Chambers knows that Samantha and Tracey (Lorraine Ansell) have posed for a top-shelf magazine in order to raise money for a holiday.
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes 1 (2000) 26 mins. (RS161), Part 1 & 2 video
  • Telling Tales (2000) 34 mins. (RS162)
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes 2 (2000) 28 mins. (RS163)
    • Miss Chambers punishes Samantha and Sarah (Sascha Lievely) in front of their classmates and the headmaster (Ivor Gold).
  • On Probation (2000) 58 mins. (RS164)
    • Mr Cooper (Ivor Gold), a probation officer, has his own methods of dealing with two offenders, Miss Hamilton (Sam Johnson) and Miss Ashley (Sascha Lievely).
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes 3 (2000) 65 mins. (RS165), video
    • Miss Brown punishes Samantha, Natalie, and Susan in front of their classmates and the headmaster (Ivor Gold).
  • A Month in the Country (2000) 63 mins. (RS166)
    • When Jane goes to stay with Uncle Frank (Ivor Gold) and Aunt Amanda (Stacey Rowe), she finds herself subject to spankings, and so does her friend Georgie (Elizabeth Simpson).
  • Overstepping the Mark (2000) 35 mins. (RS167); re-issued on Best of the Brits, Vol. 26 (Strictly English)
    • Suzanne (Jo) exceeds her powers as a prefect when she straps Paula (Donna Davenport); Rachel (Therese) exceeds her powers as Head Girl when she canes Suzanne.
  • It's For Your Own Good (2000) 38 mins. (RS168)
  • Phoning Home (2000) 39 mins. (RS169)
    • Paula (Donna Davenport) is meant to look after Nina, an exchange-student from Singapore, but their behaviour does not satisfy Miss Brown.
  • Loyal Employees (2000) 42 mins. (RS170)
  • For Being Impertinent 32 mins. (RS171)
  • A Bad Example 40 mins. (RS172)
  • Trust Me 40 mins. (RS173)
    • Bill (Ivor Gold) is angry when his wife Mandy (Stacey Rowe) and ex-wife Hilary (Steph) sabotage his computer in an attempt to stop him overworking.
    • sequel of Behind Closed Doors and Behind Closed Doors 3
  • It's Because of You (2001) 75 mins.
    • Philippa (Elizabeth Simpson), while undergoing ‘spanking therapy’, encounters her long-lost friend Rachel (Suzi Jarman).
    • aka Dr Brenner's Institute of Correction; the film was made by Red Stripe Millennium after the death of Ivor Gold as an attempt to keep the Red Stripe brand going, but it veered slightly towards a more explicit BDSM style.

Redstripe Films[edit]

The Red Stripe brand was subsequently acquired by Remington Steel, who has made over two hundred spanking videos for the pay site Redstripe Films. This is part of a family of affiliated sites owned by the Strand Media Group that also includes Spanking Sarah and English Spankers.

The videos feature F/F and M/F spanking with an emphasis on strapping and caning, mostly in domestic settings. Typical stories involve wives, daughters, secretaries, and nurses who are punished in their home or workplace. A few of the films include hardcore sex scenes.

Steel often plays the spanker role himself (as Mr. Stern). His partner Sarah Bright plays the majority of the spanker roles as "Sarah Stern", "Miss Stern", and "Headmistress Miss Bright". The matronly Katy Didit (aka Aunty Katie) and Clara Hewitt (aka Clara Matthews) also play disciplinarians. The many (mostly British) spankee performers include Amelia Jane Rutherford, Nimue Allen, Pandora Blake, Danielle Hunt, Ella Hughes, Xela Chaste, Donna Davenport, Isabel Dean, Kiki Devine, Cherry English, Ludella Hahn, Sasha Harvey, Zandia Lee, Lulu Lush, Zoe Montana, Nicky Montford, Sophie Parker, Lola Reay, Kami Robertson, Wynter Sky, and Leia-Ann Woods.

Titles include:

  • A Visit to the London Tanner for Jess (photos)
  • Her First Paddling - Sophie Parker, Mr. Stern, photos
  • Her Wicked Aunt (Aunt and niece tale)
  • She Gets it in the End - Lottie Munrow, video
  • The Vintage Cane On Trial - photos
  • Wicked Seduction - Ella Hughes, (photos)
  • Will The Cane Make You Behave? (c. 2020), Kami Robertson punished for reading Kane magazine (photos)

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