Raising a Crown Princess

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Raising a Crown Princess is an ongoing spanking story series by Qlql. The story follows Andrew, head of tours and museums at the Royal Palace and the young Crown Princess Juliana.


Andrew is well known for his deep knowledge about the palace and the Royal and cultural heritage. One day he gets a mission from the King himself: To teach little Crown Princess Juliana about her heritage and the history. And even more: he wants him to spend time with her since the little girl needs male rolemodels as well. The story follows the relationship between the little Crown Princess and her new teacher/guardian and features disciplinary spankings.

Main characters[edit]

  • Andrew Granbough
    With a master degree in history and big interest for the Royal heritage, Andrew is chosen by the King to be responsible for teaching the young Crown Princess about these things. After some time, Andrew gets to be more than a teacher to the little girl.
  • Crown Princess Juliana
    Juliana is four years old when the story starts. She is kind and caring, but with a strong will and quite intense.


  1. A assignment from the King
  2. Crown Princess Juliana
  3. Part of living history (F/f heard)