R Humphries

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R Humphries is a London born, Texas-based author, publisher, and the host of the popular Woody Back to School Unit blog-site. R Humphries is an active participant on the international spanking scene for over thirty-five years.

His most recent project is to collaborate with artist and illustrator Dave Ell to create the Woody Toon Collection.

Woody Back to School Unit[edit]

The Woody Back to School Unit saga, a series of nearly forty books, is intended to create an imaginative world peopled with a believable cast and set in familiar surroundings within which the readers will become comfortable. The stories are based upon the real-life fantasy games played by the author, R Humphries and his wife Jojo and the artwork is drawn by Dave Ell. Numerous volumes of the Woody Back to School Unit saga are available for free download at Woodettes Publications Library I and II. New volumes are added on Wednesdays of each week (see link(s) below).