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Frontispiece to The History of the Rod: "The Beautiful Madame Lapuchin, Knouted by order of Elizabeth, Empress of Russia".

George Ryley Scott was an English author of sexological books and works about (the history of) torture, sadomasochism, and corporal punishment in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. His works include:

  • Into Whose Hands
  • The History of Corporal Punishment. A Survey of Flagellation in its Historical, Anthropological and Sociological Aspects (London, 1938)
  • Phallic Worship. A history of sex and sex rites in relation to the religions of all races from antiquity to the present day
  • A History of Prostitution. From Antiquity to the present day.
  • A History of Torture
  • The History of Torture Throughout the AgesOnline at
  • Curious Customs of Sex and Marriage

Under the pen name R. G. van Yelyr (a backwards anagram of his name) he wrote:

  • The Whip and the Rod. An Account of Corporal Punishment among all Nations and for all Purposes, published by Gerald G. Swan, London (first edition 1941).
  • Sex, Love, and Eugenics. a Modern Guide to Sexual Health and Happiness, published by Gerald G. Swan, London, (2nd edition 1946)

The Whip and the Rod has some spanking illustrations by an unknown artist.

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