Quinze ans

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Cover of Quinze ans, with Art Nouveau decor.

Quinze ans, translated: "Fifteen years (old)", is a French spanking novel by Sadie Blackeyes (a pseudonym of Pierre Dumarchey), published in Jean Fort's Collection des Orties Blanches in 1913. It was illustrated by Louis Malteste. The full title is Quinze Ans. Roman sur la discipline familiale, suivi de quelques lettres sur les châtiments corporels dans l'éducation des jeunes filles, et de Sonia ou la Belle étudiante. It is the second part of a two-part-novel, the first part being Miss (1912).



Cover of Sweet Sixteen.

Quinze ans was translated into English under the title Sweet Sixteen and published in Paris by New-Editions circa 1929, or perhaps already in 1926 by Librairie Drouin, with the note "Not to be sold in England or the U.S.A." The full title is Sweet Sixteen. A romance of family discipline. Followed by Some letters on corporal punishment and by SONIA or the beautiful student.

The protagonist girl seems to have been made one year older in the English edition.

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