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Punished Brats is a U.S. spanking video producer located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The company is owned and operated by David Pierson and Amber "Pixie" Wells. Pierson performs on camera as the stern disciplinarian in many of their videos, often opposite Wells, who makes frequent appearances as one of the titular brats. (She also performs in videos by other makers such as Chelsea Pfeiffer and Dallas Spanks Hard.) The company also maintains a membership pay site of the same name.

In addition, Pierson is also the person behind the Consumer's Spanking Video News & Reviews site. Their partner, writer, editor, and camera man is Eric Blair-Brown.

Style and content[edit]

Punished Brats produces traditional M/F and F/F spanking videos, mostly with a domestic or school theme involving schoolgirls, cheerleaders, misbehaving daughters, wives, employees, etc. The emphasis is on vigorous over-the-knee punishments using a hairbrush, paddle, and leather strap. A few of their videos explore folklore, the supernatural, and film parodies (Spooky Little Girl, Pixie's Fantasies), and history (Spanking in the Modern Age).

The company mainly produces short video vignettes (5-12 minutes in length), including multi-part stories and loosely connected episodes with a common theme, actress or setting. These are sold as downloadable clips from their website as well as compilation DVDs (40-60 minutes in length). Other discs such as the Girl Trouble series consist of random punishment scenarios with little or no continuity. The company also produces the occasional feature-length story.

Some of their better-known performers are Sierra Salem, Leia-Ann Woods, Sarah Gregory, Veronica Bound, Pandora Blake, Richard Windsor, Ten Amorette, Joelle Barros, Chloe Elise, Adriana Evans, Genesis, and fetish model Nyssa Nevers.

Selected videos[edit]

  • Adriana’s Tales of Spanking
  • The Adventures of Pixie & Lily Anna - Amber Wells
  • Audrey & the Nanny - Amber Wells, (video clip)
  • Audrey’s Birthday Spanking In Her Birthday Suit
  • Audrey's Trip to the Woodshed (2017)
  • Aunt Veronica's Rules
  • Bathtime Spankings - Joelle Barros
  • Before Bedtime (2006), Amber Wells, video
  • Birthday Spanking - Amber Wells
  • Brat Therapy
  • Breaking Curfew - Joelle Barros
  • Bully Sisters: Spanked and Humiliated
  • Caught In the Act - Ava's Birching
  • The Cheating Sister
  • Cheats Never Prosper
  • The College Girl And The Nanny
  • College Tour
  • Cutting School
  • A Daughter's Discipline - David Pierson
  • Discipine In The Home
  • Discipline of a Difficult Daughter
  • Discipline of Ten - Ten Amorette
  • Doctor Knows Best
  • Familial Conflict
  • The Family Business - Joelle Barros
  • Five Day Detention - Joelle Barros
  • The Genesis Collection - Genesis
  • Girls' Night Out
  • Girl Trouble (series)
  • Go Ask Alice - Amber Wells, Alice in Wonderland spanking parody
  • Halloween Hooligans
  • The Head of the Family
  • The Headmaster and the Probationary Teacher
  • Housemaid - Pandora Blake
  • The Juliet Valentina Collection - Chelsea Pfeiffer
  • Lilly Anna Spanked By Stepmom
  • Mandie's Tales - Mandie Rae
  • Mean Mother In Law and Other Tales
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Mom Knows Best
  • Nanny Drama (2012)
  • The New Principal - Veronica Bound
  • Office Decorum
  • Paddled for Smoking
  • Pajama Spankings - Clare Fonda, Chloe Elise
  • Pandemonium At Home
  • Pixie's Fantasies (series), Amber Wells
  • Pixie's Punishments (series), Amber Wells
  • Prep School Brat - David Pierson
  • The Reeducation of Delirius Hunter
  • Rent A Mom 2.0
  • Report Card Lies - Amber "Pixie" Wells, photos
  • Six Ways To Spank A Brat
  • Spanked by Stepmom
  • Spanking In The Modern Age - Sierra Salem
  • Spanking Pixie (series), Amber Wells
  • Strict Coach - Veronica Bound
  • Strict Headmaster - Joelle Barros
  • The Strict Stepmother series
  • Three Girls Caned In Malaysia

Video clips on the Internet[edit]