Protecting the buttocks

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Illustration by J. X. Dumoulin from the novel Humiliations chéries by Jean Claqueret (c. 1936).

Protecting the buttocks is an often seen behaviour during a spanking. The spankee reaches behind themselves with their hand in an attempt to protect their bottom, blocking the spanks, an act of resistance. Alternatively, a foot can be brought back for a similar effect. This can sometimes happen involuntarily, see also kicking.

If an implement is used, the behaviour is actually dangerous as the hand or foot, when hit, can suffer injury much easier than the buttocks.

Possible countermeasures include verbal instruction, pinning the hand on the lower back, securing the spankee's legs, and bondage. While the behaviour is usually unwanted from the spanker's point of view, it can also be welcome as it enhances the illusion of non-consensuality for both players, and can be taken as grounds for extra punishment.

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