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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017) is an American biographical film written and directed by Angela Robinson. Loosely based on actual events, the narrative follows the life of psychologist William Moulton Marston (1893–1947), creator of the comic book superheroine, Wonder Woman.


Harvard psychologist William Marston (Luke Evans) and his wife Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall) form a polyamorous relationship with a beautiful student, Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote) and live an unconventional life together from the 1920s to the late 40s.

At Harvard in the 1930s Marston teaches what he calls DISC (Dominance, Inducement, Submission, Compliance) Theory, an academic study on the psychology of domination and submission in a consensual relationship. He believes that love and happiness (for men) can only be found by willing submission to a dominant female. His research includes watching a kinky sorority initiation ceremony (described in the next section). Marston, Elizabeth and Olive experiment with various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle. This includes several scenes of bondage and costume roleplay. During one play session, Olive dresses in a fetishistic nurse uniform.

Charles Guyette photo which appears in the film.

A pivotal moment occurs around 1940 when Marston discovers Charles Guyette's lingerie and burlesque supply store in New York City. Guyette introduces Marston to the world of fetish clothing (corsets, high-heel boots, etc.) and sells him some under-the-counter photographs of bondage and spanking.

Later, Guyette puts on a private bondage demonstration using a female model. This includes a dreamy, sexually charged sequence with Elizabeth slowly wrapping a rope around Olive. In her metal headband and gold corset, Olive becomes the inspiration for the character of Wonder Woman that brings fame and fortune to Marston (using the pen name Charles Moulton). The comic would become notorious for its frequent depictions of domination, bondage, and spanking.

The spanking scene[edit]

Marston and Elizabeth secretly watch a sorority pledge "Baby Party" at Radcliffe College. Pledges (babies) wear short white dresses or slips, some have baby bonnets. The "Big Sisters" wear more formal white gowns. This humiliating ritual of adult baby ageplay emphasizes the total submission of the pledge to the parental-like authority of the senior sorority sisters. This is demonstrated when Olive, as Pledge Master, is ordered to punish pledge Sarah (Allie Gallerani) for "backtalk" – speaking out of turn.

Olive sits on a stool and takes the fully-clothed Sarah over her knee and spanks her (F/F) with a wide wooden paddle that resembles a cutting board. She starts out slow and tentative at first then increases in speed and intensity. A total of 26 swats are delivered as Sarah grunts and groans in pain. This scene, enhanced by its dark, atmospheric setting and building tension, boasts an especially long and realistic paddling seldom seen in mainstream films.

A brief depiction of this incident also appears in the 2017 television series, Secret History of Comics, "The Truth About Wonder Woman" (see spanking on television).

Wonder Woman spanking videos[edit]

A selection of some of the fetish videos inspired by the Wonder Woman comic character.

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