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A professional dominant, also known as professional disciplinarian (and pro-domme or professional dominatrix if female), is a person who offers clients BDSM sessions in which she plays the dominant role and the client the submissive role, in exchange for money. Some pro-dommes also work as models for BDSM photos or actresses in BDSM films. Most professional dominants do not have sex in exchange for money, and do not regard themselves as prostitutes.

Most pro-dommes are female, and are also called Dominatrix (plural Dominatrices). Male professional dominants might be called pro-doms. Some are exclusively dominant, while others are switches and offer both dominant and submissive services (see pro-switch).

Jacqueline Omerta, founder of the spanking video company Pacific Force, is also a professional dominatrix who conducts private Femdom sessions. Ms. Holly, owner of Southeastern Woodshed, another spanking video company, is a professional disciplinarian (she does not use the term dominatrix). She does private discipline sessions for men, women, and couples.

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