Prison corporal punishment

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Illustration by Maurice Alhoy (1845).

Prison corporal punishment is the corporal punishment of prison inmates.

Prison corporal punishment is given for different reasons:

  1. As a judicial corporal punishment for the original crime, usually in cases when a person is sentenced to CP plus imprisonment.
  2. As a punishment for breaking prison rules (e.g. an attempted escape).
  3. As a so-called 'Welcome' given to every person by standard on entring the prison.
  4. There was (or still is in some places) also a tradition to whip every prisoner (again) on leaving the prison.

Prison corporal punishment is usually severe, and the delinquent is usually restrained. It is usually given with a cane, strap (a very heavy version is often called "prison strap"), flogger, or whip on the bare back or buttocks. In past centuries, prison CP was also often given with a birch.

In consensual spanking, if prison corporal punishment is enacted, it sets up images of a severe beating, not a light spanking by hand.

Women in Prison films depict various forms of prison punishment in a fictional, usually sensationalized, setting. What began as an exploitation subgenre in the 1970s continues to the present day in countless spanking and BDSM fetish films.