Pride and Beauty

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Pride and Beauty is a short story by Lawrence Kinden that takes place in the "Conch Republic"[1]. Characters based upon a variety of mythologies witness a spanking in a breezy outdoor cafe. The story takes its name from the characters of principal action, Venus and Rooster. Venus represents "Beauty", and Rooster "Pride".


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  • The Gemini Twins
    Both called Gem, they are a pair of fraternal twins (one boy, one girl) who have a friendly acquaintance with Venus and are the outlet to which Venus complains. The twins share "everything" as explained by the female twin. The story is in third person attached and follows the twins' point of view. From the Western Zodiac.
  • Venus
    The Goddess of Love who attracts male attention wherever she goes (and some female attention as well.) She complains to the Gemini Twins about her boyfriend, Rooster, dumping her. When Rooster enters and she confronts him with a temper tantrum, she is spanked. From Roman mythology, Venus makes a loud distinction between herself and Aphrodite though the two are considered almost the same character in mythology.
  • Rooster
    Prior to the beginning of the story, Rooster dumps Venus. When he comes into the story with his new girlfriend on his arm, he confronted by Venus. tired of her temper tantrums, Rooster spanks his ex-girlfriend. From the Chinese Zodiac.
  • A kitsune
    A three-tailed anthropomorphic fox who is Rooster's new girlfriend. The author makes several puns about her "tail" in comparison with Rooster's. From Japanese folklore.
  • Jupiter
    Venus' father who refuses to intervene on behalf of his daughter. From Roman mythology. Passing mention is made of Jupiter's counterpart, Zeus.



  1. Conch Republic is another name for Key West in the U.S. From Wikipedia: The Conch Republic is a micronation declared as a tongue-in-cheek protest secession of the city of Key West from the United States on April 23, 1982. It has been maintained as a tourism booster for the city since.