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American pornographic actresses Lyndsey and Lacey Love ("Love Twins").
American pornographic actress Sarah Blake.
American pornographic actress and fetish performer for, Keeani Lei (2006).

Pandora Blake interviews Lola Marie.

Pornography, in a most general sense, is the representation of the human body or human sexual behaviour in media — such as text or images, for more see below — with the goal of sexual arousal.


The term derives from a Greek word (pronounced "pornographos") meaning "writings about prostitutes". However pornography and prostitution are quite separate phenomena.


Since no one knows how to find out what the "intended goal" of a work is, a rule of thumb is that pornography is usually work that presents a subject such as sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral or anal), masturbation, masturbation of another person, or merely a person's sexual organs (often, frontal nudity) in a lascivious, non-objective way. It is important to understand that the subject matter alone is an insufficient criterion for pornography; what counts is how it is presented. See for example this close-up photo of a human vulva, this photo of a flaccid and erect human penis or this drawing of the "cowgirl" sex position at Wikipedia. All of these examples are non-pornographic because the subject matter is presented in an objective, non-lascivious way.

Pornography and erotica are two words that describe more or less the same thing, but with different connotations. According to Wikipedia, ""Erotica" tends to define material with a higher emotional content, the development of place, character and story line, or of an overall artistic theme. However, such distinctions are necessarily subjective and may say more about the critic's own tastes on erotic material than the artistic and other attributes of the material itself."


Pornography may use any of a variety of media — written and spoken text, photos, sculpture, drawings, films, animation, and sound.

Pornographic material on the Web (mainly videos and photographs) can be found e.g. on PornoTube, YouPorn, fukeo, xHamster or XTube.

A famous pornographic actor or actress is called a porn star. Works of pornographic literature, especially if old, are sometimes called curiosa.

Legal status[edit]

The legal status of pornography varies widely. Most countries allow at least some form of pornography. Softcore pornography is usually tame enough to be sold in general stores and (in some countries) to be shown on TV. Hardcore pornography, on the other hand, is usually regulated. Child pornography is illegal almost everywhere. However, what falls under the definition of child pornography and what doesn't, varies widely. Most countries also have restrictions on pornography involving (non-consensual) violence or animals.

Since the legal definitions of what constitutes pornography and what doesn't vary from country to country, it is nearly impossible to give clear criteria for it. Even in the U.S., local prosecution of and tolerance for pornography vary from state to state and from city to city.

Although any website is internationally accessible, it seems reasonable to assume that U.S. legal regulations apply for the Spanking Art wiki, and not, say, Saudi Arabian law. This is not because U.S. citizens were the 'target audience' or the biggest English-speaking nation (that's India). It's because the wiki is hosted in the United States.

Porn stars in spanking films[edit]

In the late 1980s and '90s a number of popular porn stars left that industry to launch a new career in spanking and BDSM videos (playing dominants and/or submissives). The most well-known American actors from this first wave include Tanya Foxx, Sharon Mitchell, Ashley Renee, Star Chandler (a.k.a. Ruby Richards), June Bauer, Tom Byron, Greta Carlson, Fawna (a.k.a. Tori Sinclair, Shanna McCullough), Marilyn Rose, and Jamie Gillis. Also from this period, adult stars from England include Teresa May, Suzi Jarman, and Toni Francis who appeared in several early Kane productions (interview video).

In recent years, a new generation of performers have emerged who go back and forth between the two genres. The better-known actors in this group include:

The line between pornography and fetish films (which, except for German videos, contained no sex acts in the '80s and '90s) has become blurred in the 21st century. Far East Media, for example, specializes in a combination of sex and spanking in all of their titles. Several newly-formed companies (, DungeonCorp, Wasteland, et al.) depict extreme BDSM scenarios which include acts of rough sex with bound (or otherwise dominated) submissives that test the legal definition of rape. (Some companies include post-production interviews as proof that no actors were abused or forced against their will.)

In addition, some producers of traditional spanking/caning videos – including industry leaders Lupus Pictures, Shadow Lane, and Mood Pictures – have begun to add titles to their inventory featuring a blend of erotic discipline and pornographic sexual content.

Spanking in pornographic films[edit]

Still from the 1930s whipping fetish film-loop Dressage au Fouet by Ostra Studio. Released on the DVD Vintage Erotica Anno 1930.
Another posed shot taken during the filming of Dressage au Fouet.

French stag reels from the 1920s contain the earliest known depictions of fetishistic spanking, whipping, and bondage on film. Many of these used popular literary and historical figures from French culture (and even nuns), adding a dimension of subversive humor to the sexual antics performed on screen.

Brief scenes of bondage and whipping from a 1930s-40s reel (recently reissued on DVD by Cult Epics) appear in the mainstream drama Performance (1970). Another mainstream drama, The Day of the Locust (1975), shows guests at a private Hollywood party in the '30s watching a stag film with a spanking scene (most likely a recreation).

Spanking scenes, ranging from playfully erotic to brutally sadistic, have appeared in a number of softcore films of the late sixties and early seventies as well as hardcore features of more recent years. In the adult French sex comedy La Fessée (1976), spanking scenes are a major plot element, acting as foreplay before the sex scenes.

The Amateurs (2005) is an independent mainstream comedy about the making of an amateur porno video. A film-within-the-film segment shows a lesbian scene with (F/F) spanking.

Silent stag reels[edit]

  • 1920s: Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 (Cult Epics, compilation of French stag films) (complete film)
  • 1920-1960: Vintage Lesbian Erotica (1920-1960) (Cult Epics compilation)
  • 1924: The Casting Couch (stag short with male bondage and F/M cropping)
  • 1960s-80s: Bizarro Sex Loops (Something Weird Video), multi-volume series of bondage, spanking, and sex reels.
  • The Runaway (R.F.D. Company), c. late '70s roughie porn, bondage, whipping (18 min. video)

Feature films: 1970s[edit]




Spanking videos[edit]

The following spanking videos use or refer to pornography in some way as a plot device.

  • Filthy Little Alice (Swedish Discipline), caught watching porn, photos
  • Laying Down The Law (Shadow Lane), Angela Faith, SL's first sex/spanking video (photos)
  • Unpunctual Porn Star Gets Punished (PunishmentsOnly), Nyssa Nevers, photos

Free porn/spanking video sites[edit]

The following is a partial list of large archival websites that provide thousands of free vintage-to-modern porn, spanking, BDSM, and other fetish videos, both mainstream and amateur. These sites offer a combination of complete films, selected clips, and compilations. Some postings list the original producers, while many others are untitled and anonymous. The content on these sites have a high degree of turnover with frequent deletions due to copyright issues. Similar to the YouTube model, most, if not all, of the content is posted via individual membership accounts.

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