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Pint-Sized Engineer is a science fiction spanking novel by Roguebfl, set in Lurking Dragon's Rejuve Universe. It was first published in early 2008, and is still ongoing. Twelve chapters have been published so far, with many more planned.


Spoiler warning

Pint-Sized Engineer is set in the late 28th century. In 2723 Humans and Jalaxians made first First Contact[1] on a remote world that would become known as Shinho. In 2753 planning began for a joint colony[1] on Shinho. The story begins with them approaching the 50th anniversary of First Contact, when a mysterious accident on the colony's Renewal Station turned its young Chief Engineer Rodger Murphie into the colony's first kid[2]. It would seem the young medicalos had it made. If only it was that simple. Being this was his first rejuve — and unplanned — Rodger is having difficulties adjusting to the restrictions of being a child, and this is getting him in trouble. But his Traditionalist wife turned mother knows just how to handle that.

Meanwhile, the mysteries around what caused his accident continue to unfold...


  1. "Pint-Sized Engineer" (scene setting)
  2. "New Beginnings" (F/m, birthday spanking)
  3. "Long Day" (F/m, NC)
  4. "Class Act" (M/m M/m M/m, NC)
  5. "After School Special" (f/mm NC)
  6. "Rude Awakenings" (F/m, NC)
  7. "Warm Festivities" (M/m F/m, NC)
  8. "News Review" (F/m, NC)
  9. "Wild Sleepover" (F/mm, M/mm, NC)
  10. "Science Fair" (Machine/m, judicial spanking)
  11. "Project: Tutor" (F/m F/m, NC)
  12. "Hallowed Racket" (M/fffmmm M/m F/m, NC punishment outfit)

Major characters[edit]

  • Rodger Murphie, formerly Commander Rodger Murphie, an 8-year-old medicalos.
  • Governor Melanie Murphie, Rodger's wife turned mother.
  • Karlara Felixian, Rodger's intern turned babysitter, a 16-year-old Jalaxian kindern.
  • Gunnery Sergeant Cait Sith, Jalaxian marine, protection detail for Rodger.
  • Brian Herbert, an 8-year-old voluntaras classmate of Rodger's.


Main article: Rejuve_Writer's_Guide#Jalaxian

First introduced in Melody's Adventures in Camp[1], Jalaxians are an felinoid alien race. They predominately have short cream colored fur[1] similar to the Terran Puma concolor, but regional variations exist, such as a mane, spotted fur pattern[3], and darker fur tones such as silvery-grey and black. They have a flexible short furry tail that is long enough that they can get a double hand grip on it if it comes up and over their shoulder. Their homeworld's gravity is 1.2G, so Jalaxians tend to be physically stronger than humans. Their speed and agility also surpasses their human peers. Jalaxians on average are shorter and lighter than humans. Although experts put their intelligence slightly lower than humans, this might be due to their tendency to pounce on ideas and pursue them with dedication.


Jalaxians are born furless. Their fur does not start to grow until they are 6 months old, and then unevenly so that their bottoms and upper and inner thighs are the last to grow their soft short fur; this happens at about age 5.

During this time Jalaxian children are kept home, only socializing with close pride (aka family) members — including grandparents and first cousins — until they learn enough not to embarrass their pride. This milestone is called P'flar[4]. At this point the traditional punishment of a Jalaxian child changes.

While their bottom is furless their normal punishment is to be spanked with the flat back of the short and very stiff bristled fur-brushes. But upon reaching P'flar with fur reducing the effectiveness of a spanking, Jalaxians instead traded on their race's strong sense of personal dignity. This punishment is called On the Line.

A building decorated in a traditional Jalaxian manner has a visible horizontal line that goes across at what works out to be the average nose level for a 5 year old Jalaxian child. The punishment calls for them to stand with straight knees, holding their tail over their shoulder and to keep their nose on the line for the duration. Their state of dress will vary with the severity of the punishment. The older the child, the more they must bend over to achieve the correct position.

Shinho schools have taken to use both spanking and line punishments together, so while their mixed classes might find half the punishment minor, they will always find the other half punishing, and still treat both species equally.

Brin treatment[edit]

Dr Brin, while stationed on Renewal Station, developed an adaption of the Fujikawa treatment that slows down the physical and sexual maturation process for Jalaxians. He began trials in 2761. He found for Jalaxians that, unless you gave the treatment younger than you would for a human, the effect was negligible. But he found if the treatment was given around age 4, it had an interesting side effect, that the bottom fur would not grow in until the subject would hit puberty.[4] And that he could filter in the treatment into the rejuve process itself for the majority who rejuvenated older than that. This version became the standard treatment for Jalaxians on Shinho in 2779 as it facilitated cultural integrations between the two races. This version is also being considered by the Jalaxian home-systems.

Common items[edit]


A Swipper™ is a safely scissors like device for making switches popular among parents of Penitatas and younger rejuves. It looks like a high-tech nutcracker with a round hole down at the hinge end. It can be preset with a parental lock to a maximum and/or minimum thickness of an object it wrapped around. It only cuts plant matter and ignores any fingers or plastic ties placed in it. It also coats the tree's stub with a substance that encourages the tree to regrow the branch without harm to the tree itself. Furthermore the Swipper™ can be used to strip the branch down into a more proper switch.

Alert necklaces[edit]

The Seal of the Confederation of Humanity as used at the time of the story.

Alert necklaces are silver chains worn around a person's neck that connects to an amulet that forms a Y-junction below which a optical data-crystal is hung. While like regular data-chips can be read in the culturally ubiquitous Personal Access Display Devices (PADDs) they can unlike data-chip be read without a PADD by activating a micro-laser in the setting of the crystal will project different pages when shone on a flat surface at different distances; however this is considered more fiddly than reading it in a PADD or Computer console. Neither can the data-crystal—unlike the data-chip—be rewritten once set. But this is considered an asset for alert necklaces the contain official documents.

Alert necklaces due to their nature are exempt from jewelery restriction of most uniform dress codes, such as school uniforms.

In alert necklaces who's amulet is a caduceus (a short staff entwined by two serpents, surmounted by wings) denotes that the data-crystal contains medical information that is important for people to know. Especially emergency personnel in cases where the wearer is unable to tell them directly. Information might include the fact their glasses are corrective not decorative nor augmented reality displays[5]. Or it could include medical condition emergency personal should be aware of and what corrective measures may or may not be used.
Seal of the Confederation
In alert necklaces who's amulet is the Seal of Confederation of Humanity denotes that the data-crystal contains a legal document. Most typically worn by Voluntaras who's parenting contract contains specialized conditions that will alter the rules they have to follow from other Voluntaras. Such as permitting them to do something normal forbidden to minors of their age or in some case restricting their liberties in someway.

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