Ping-pong paddle

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A ping-pong paddle without the rubber covering.

A ping-pong paddle, also known as a table tennis racket, is a racket used to play table tennis (ping pong) with. It can also be used as a short spanking paddle.

A ping-pong paddle is made of a thin board of wood, covered on both sides with a layer of foam and rubber with a textured surface. The total length, including handle, is about 10 inches (25 cm). The round hitting surface is approximately 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter.

Some people remove the rubber layer for spanking, while others use the paddle as it is. Most manufacturers of BDSM equipment produce a spanking implement based on the ping-pong paddle that is covered in black leather.

Jack Nicholson is said to own one and loves to spank women with it.

Several spanking videos have used ping-pong paddles during scenes of corporal punishment.

Mainstream and spanking films[edit]

  • Suburbicon (2017), an offbeat dark comedy/drama with the paddle spanking of Julianne Moore that is heard but not seen.
  • Au Pair, House Sitter, Naval Discipline, Private School, Rich Brat, and Sorority Sisters (from Firm Hand Spanking) all feature ping-pong paddle punishments.

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