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Pierre Gandon (1899-1990) was a French illustrator and engraver of postage stamps. His illustrative work also includes erotic art with at least one work of spanking art.

Gandon studied in Paris at the École Estienne, then at the École des Beaux-Arts. He won the 2nd Prix de Rome in 1922, and the Prix de la Ville de Paris in 1935.

The spanking image[edit]

Pierre Gandon's illustration shows a nun hand-spanking a woman who is sort of half-kneeling in a chair, a spanking position that was also used by Georges Topfer and Luc Lafnet. She has put one knee on the seat cushion of a chair, but her other foot is still on the floor. Her dress and panties are taken off, leaving her half-naked in an undershirt, stockings and shoes, with her bare buttocks presented for the F/F spanking.

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