Petticoat punishment

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Illustration by M. del Giglio from Éducation anglaise (1908).
Illustration from Frédérique (1921).
"Women Bind and Dominate Male Maid", drawing by Gene Bilbrew (1960).

Petticoat punishment, also known as forced feminization, petticoating or pinaforing and sometimes abbreviated PP, is a type of role-play or fantasy in which a male is forced to be dressed like a girl in front of his mother, sisters or, in some cases, girls of the same age whom he had offended by his boorish behavior. It is a kind of forced cross-dressing for punishment, a form of psychological punishment.

Petticoat punishment is sometimes combined with other humiliating punishments such as forced nudity and spanking. It is related to ageplay, BDSM, femdom, malesub, and fetishism.

A male subjected to petticoat punishment is sometimes referred to as a "Sissy".

Garments used[edit]

Garments used in petticoat punishment:


"When petticoat discipline was first employed we will never know. A study of social history shows that it was discussed in family magazines and newspapers during Victorian and Edwardian times, and the beautifully decorated and belaced girls' fashions of the times would no doubt have made them especially effective at subduing the high spirits of boys who required firm discipline. Certainly, as we can see from family photographs of the time, it was the fashion until the Great War to dress both little girls and little boys in virtually identical clothing; beribboned vests, petticoats, white lace dresses, and big bonnets, often until the age of five or six. Some men who were brought up in these times, including former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (Lord Stockton), recalled being dressed by their nannies in especially pretty and girlish clothing for some minor offence, and petticoat discipline is mentioned in Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy's excellent book 'The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny', published in 1972." (From [1])

Petticoat punishment in art and literature[edit]

An early example of petticoat punishment in erotic fiction is the novel Gynecocracy from 1893. Another classic is Don Brennus Aléra's novel Frédérique, published in 1921.

Perhaps the best-known mainstream novel featuring erotic forced cross-dressing (in chapter 15) is Ulysses by James Joyce (written in 1914-1921).

An artist who specializes in drawing this genre for six decades is Curtus. Another contemporary artist is Barbara O'Toole.

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