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Peter Hooper (1928-2012), also known as Tom Cooper, was a British spanking actor, active in the 2000s. He was already in his seventies when Moonglow began to cast him in spanker roles in its videos. A blunt-featured man with slicked-back grey hair and a Lancashire accent, Hooper played stern, down-to-earth grandfather types in a very natural manner.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Army Hundred (Moonglow North, 2005), as the Corporal, with Alison Payne & Nicky Montford
  • Backpacker’s Hundred (Moonglow, 2008), as prison warder, with Elena
  • Bottoms Up (Moonglow, c. 2008), as Sir Peter, with Aleesha Fox & Xela Chaste
  • The Cane and I (Moonglow, 2010), as head of a Swiss finishing school, with Emma Brown and Sophie
  • Caning News 1, Part 10: A Triple Caning in College (Moonglow, 2007), with Emma Brown, Sharon & Monica
  • Caning News 2, Part 6: Waitresses Spanked & Part 7: Calders, Cornwallis, Wren caught smoking (Moonglow, 2007), with Sascha Harvey & Honey Hardy
  • Caught and Caned (Moonglow, 2005), as Peter Carruthers, with Sharon & Nicky Montfort
  • Co-Conspirators Caned 2 (Spanking for Pleasure), as Mr Grimshaw, with Donna Davenport & Monica
    • aka: Suppressed with the Cane 2
  • Games Schoolgirls Play (Top Marks), as Grandpa, with Catherine Corbett & Sarah Harvey Lewis
  • The Housemaster's Duty (Top Marks/Moonglow, 2007) as Mr Radford, with Pandora Blake, Sascha Harvey, Josie Harrison-Marks & Honey Hardy
  • Josie’s Secretaries (Top Marks), as Mr Carter, with Emma Brown & Sharon
  • Like Father, Like Son (Top Marks), as Tom, with Donna Davenport, Monica & Jo
  • Maid’s Revenge (Moonglow, 2002), as Carruthers, with Dublin O’Brien & Brigella
  • Maids for the Birch (Moonglow, 2003), as the butler
  • Mr Cooper’s Punishment (Calstar, 2004), as Mr Cooper, with Emma Brown & Nicky Montfort
  • My Way or the Highway (Strictly English, 2006), as Tony, with Leia Ann Woods
  • On Probation (Spanking for Pleasure), photos
  • Prefects’ Stripes (Moonglow, 2002), as Mr Prendergast, with Dublin O’Brien
  • Secretary – Moonglow Style (Moonglow, 2004), with Monica & Gina Moon
  • She Needs a Short Sharp Shock (Strictly English), as probation officer, with Sam Johnson
  • Suppressed with the Cane (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar, 2004), as Mr Grimshaw, with Kara Jayne Dempsey & Jean Bradley
  • Tartan Tanning (Moonglow, 2004), as deputy headmaster, with Gina Moon, Donna Davenport & Lucy Maclean
  • Tenant’s Ordeal (2004), as Mr Richards, with Alison Payne & Jean Bradley
    • aka: Tenant’s Extras
  • Three Tails of Woe, Part 1 (Top Marks), as Grandpa, with Rachel Lloyd
  • The Wicked Cane Club (Top Marks), as Peter Carruthers, with Sharon & CJ

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