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Amateur Party Paddle video.

Pervertible (frequently misspelt "pervertable") is a term originally coined by David Stein to describe ordinary non-sexual objects, especially everyday household items, that can be used in a sexual context such as spanking and various BDSM practices (see also perversion).

Pervertibles are common, factory-made products for the home, garden, or recreation that have been adapted for "perverted" use by disciplinarians and corporal punishment fetishists alike. A true pervertible is a ready-made object that requires no alterations for its dual use, such as giving a spanking with the sole of a shoe or rolled-up newspaper.

Pervertibles and spanking[edit]

A teacher uses a yardstick on a student. (Ostra Studio, c. 1935).
Violin bow punishment, Ostra Studio (c. 1930s).

Spanking in the mainstream has a long history of pervertibles. Parents and teachers have been using pervertible implements for administering discipline since the introduction of the hairbrush, leather belt, ruler, yardstick, carpet beater, walking stick, and blackboard pointer. Sometimes these repurposed items are preferred over dedicated implements such as canes and switches to avoid imparting negative "in sight, in mind" images on the spankee.

Pervertible household items include the long-handled feather duster and bath brush, fly swatter, back scratcher, clothes brush, dust brush, and metal/plastic dust pan, whisk broom, fireplace shovel (see McLintock!), wood and wire coathangers, laundry beaters, hand mirror, basting brushes and other long-handled barbecue tools.

The wooden Party Paddle (marketed under the PartyPaddle brand name), originally made for serving drinks in bars, has recently become a commercial product. It is nearly identical to a fraternity/sorority spanking paddle except it has six indentations for holding shot glasses or mini mugs. After each round of drinks is consumed, the paddle becomes available for playful disciplinary use. Amateur party footage can be seen on YouTube. Some bars and restaurants also feature regular paddlings with this serving implement. Video from one of these establishments, the Hofbrau House in Las Vegas, can be seen on YouTube.

In the kitchen some have found alternative uses for cooking spatulas (wood, rubber, and plastic), rubber or silicone dough scrapers, wood butter paddles, large wooden spoons, metal serving spoons, cutting boards, oversized wooden salad forks and spoons, small pots and pans, pot-scrubbing brushes, and the wire whisk. Chop sticks, bamboo skewers and stir-fry sticks held together with rubberbands can also be used as a tongue, nipple or breast clamp.

Garage and basement pervertibles include the painting stir-stick, long-handled shop brush, dowel rod, plastic ice scraper, cement trowel, wide putty knife, plastic tubing, rubber fan belt, paint brushes, bungee cords, wire brush (both sides), short lengths of scrap wood, pegboard, molding or plexiglass, electrical wire or extension cord, sawhorse (for bending over), step-ladder (for bondage use) and a car floor mat with spikes for disciplinary kneeling or sitting.

Yard implements: bamboo plant stakes (thick ones for caning, a handful of thinner sticks for birching), cotton clothesline, clothes-pins, wood tomato stakes, garden trowel, and a short length of surplus garden hose.

Recreational products: bamboo fishing pole, ping-pong paddle, paddleball, Battledore, Jokari, Pickleball and racquet ball paddles, plastic whiffle ball bat, mini cricket bat, jump rope, a child's plastic or metal beach shovel, vaulting horse, and canoe, kayak or other boat paddles. (At Anime conventions, a short canoe paddle has been converted into a Yaoi paddle for ritual spankings.)

Equestrian gear such as rubber bit-gags, saddles, blinders, grooming brushes, riding crops and horse whips are also easily converted for use on humans for both punishment BDSM sessions and consensual pony play.

Film and television[edit]

Rug or spiked-mat punishment, illustration by Carlo (c. 1935).
Canoe paddle spanking from fetish stag reel (c. 1967).
Paddleball racket in gag photo for a high school yearbook (1977).
Jokari paddling from amateur video Final Exam.
  • Mommie Dearest (1981), docudrama starring Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford is mainly known for its notorious scene of an unhinged Crawford beating her children with a wire clothes hanger.
  • Full Metal Jacket (1987), military drama shows Marines using a beating implement made with a bar of soap inside a sock. The 1967 sexploitation film Cool it, Baby also has soap wrapped in cloth used to spank a captive girl forced into prostitution.
  • The Messer Chups: "Shandor Diabolikov" - music video with girl in bikini playfully spanked OTK with drum sticks.
  • My Name Is Earl (4:6: "Little Bad Voodoo Brother", 2008), an episode of this NBC comedy series shows pervertible tennis items. A character with a tennis fetish is seen wrapped in a net with his wrists bound and a tennis ball in his mouth. A man and a woman dressed in tennis whites take turns whacking him with their racquets.
  • iZombie (“Return of the Dead Guy”, 3:10, June 2017), CW network supernatural comedy-drama; Payton (Aly Michalka) spanks Liv (Rose McIver) with a standard plastic fly swatter to unblock repressed memories. (video on YouTube)

Spanking videos[edit]

Amateur Spankings titles featuring a plastic, guitar-shaped fly swatter include: Carl Spanks Ava (photos), Bad Girl Emily, Eden Spanked with a Fly Swatter, Emily in Pajamas (photos), The Flyswatter, New Year Spanking, Paige Spanks Sammy, Lacy Gets The Fly Swatter (photos), Lux Spanked With A Fly Swatter (photos), and Danielle Gets The Fly Swatter (photos, 2019).

The same company also repurposes a wooden clothes hanger in: Amie Gets The Wooden Hanger (photos), Rachelle's Hanger Spanking (photos), Blistered Blonde, and Emily In The Closet.

Firm Hand Spanking titles featuring a Jokari paddle include: Artist Discipline (photos), Asking for It (photos, photos 2), Dreams of Spanking (photos), Inappropriate Conduct, and Reform Academy (photos).

Also from Firm Hand, a ping-pong paddle comes into play in Asking For It, Attitude Adjustment, Au Pair, Brotherly Love, Celebrity Brat, College Discipline, Domestic Discipline, Fitness Fanatic, Gamer Addiction, House Sitter, The Intern, Life Coach, Naval Discipline, New Rules (2020, photos), Paid in Full, Private School, Racing Stables Discipline, Seniors Gone Wild (photos), Sorority Sisters, et al.

  • Briella Jaden and Savannah Fox Fight over Client (Spanked Call Girls), small skillet, photos
  • Drummer Spanking (Spanking Veronica Works), drum-stick spanking, photos
  • Episode #101: Who Has the Map? (Spanked Sorority Girls), bamboo back scratcher
  • Episode #137: Madison's Revenge on Aaliyah Love (My Spanking Roommate), large clipboard
  • Episode #149: Mr. Ford Spanks Kay and Rose (My Spanking Roommate), pool cue
  • Episode #156: Kay Spanked In Ludella's Office (My Spanking Roommate), both sides of large wood hand-mirror
  • Kajira's Pegboard Spanking (Girls Spanked Hard), pegboard with holes, photos
  • Missy Spanked with Hand and Shoehorn (Cherry Cheeks), photos
  • Missy Spanked with Thrifted Implements (Cherry Cheeks), leather slipper, pickleball paddle, silicone spatula, photos
  • Natalie Gets the Big Paddle, Skylar And Alex (Amateur Spankings), pickleball paddle, photos
  • New Pledge Poppy Spanked for Graffiti (Spanking Sorority Girls), hand mirror, photos
  • Office Spanking-gram (Spanking Veronica Works), hand mirror, photos
  • On The Working Bench (Scarlet) (, wood working bench used as trestle, photos
  • Painful Duel IV (ElitePain, Mood Pictures), whippings with loop of telephone wire.
  • Recorder Lesson Spanking (Spanking Veronica Works), spanked with recorder instrument, photos
  • Rich Bitch (Firm Hand Spanking, Alison Miller gets the beach paddle, photos
  • Savannah's Pegboard Spanking (Girls Spanked Hard), photos
  • Shayla Gets The Extension Cord (photos), Garage Whipping, Leaving Work Early, and Emily's Extension Cord (Amateur Spankings), all have extension cord whippings.
  • Sixty Smacks with The Sorba (Dana Kane Spanks), Zis Kane, Sorba paddleball paddle, photos
  • Skipping Rope (Russian-Spanking/Mood Pictures), schoolgirl bound and whipped with plastic jump rope, photos
  • Sophie's 4-Strand Whip (Girls Spanked Hard, 2010), whip made of hollow plastic tubes, photos, video
  • Sophie: Paint Mixer (Girls Spanked Hard, 2010), photos
  • Sorority Sisters (Firm Hand Spanking), rubber spatula, bath brush, ping-pong paddle, photos
  • Spanked By Church Counselor (Spanking Veronica Works), F/F spanking with Bible, photos
  • The Waiting Game (Spanking Sorority Girls), hand mirror, photos


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