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Censored security camera still of Louise Ogborn being spanked.

Below is a list of people who made it into the news as a (nonconsensual) spanker or spankee. The list also includes murder, manslaughter and abuse cases that took place under the defence of corporal chastisement.


  • 1563: Cornelius Adriaensen (priest who became known for his flogging of women in Bruges, West Flanders, today in Belgium)
  • 1611: Elizabeth Báthory (accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls and young women, placed under house arrest in a walled up set of rooms until her death)
  • 17th century: Whipping Tom (phantom spanker in London)
  • 1767: Elizabeth Brownrigg (tried and executed for whipping her servant girl Mary Clifford to death)
  • 1768: Darya Saltykova (tried and sentenced to imprisonment for life for having killed 38 female serfs by beating and torturing them to death)
  • c. 1790s: Pater Achatius (monk who started a kind of flagellant society among women in Düren, Germany)
  • 1800s: William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne
  • 1840: James Miles, the master of the Hoo Union-House (a workhouse for orphans and wayward children) in Kent, England, was dismissed for cruelly flogging at least half a dozen girls. Elizabeth Danes, 13, was beaten three times with a birch-broom. Girls of 14 such as Jennifer Parry and Sarah Barnes received 40-50 birch strokes while Elaine Cox, Sally Fenton, and Jane Mitchener were whipped with a pony-lash. Miles became the model for the cruel, perverted schoolmaster in subsequent flagellation novels including Birch in the Boudoir. The names of his victims, especially Elaine Cox, turn up in various novels as well.
  • 1860: Thomas Hopley (tried and sentenced to prison for beating his pupil Reginald Cancellor to death)
  • 1903: Andreas Dippold (private teacher, tried and sentenced to prison for beating his pupil Heinz Koch to death)
  • 1905: Maude Kelly for offering professional child-spanking services in Toronto, Canada
  • 1909: Pastor Breithaupt (tried and sentenced to prison for excessive corporal punishment in Fürsorgeanstalt Mieltschin, Posen)
  • 1924: Edith Kadivec (private teacher, tried and sentenced to prison for spanking her pupils in front of paying witnesses)
  • 1926: Kurt-Lüder Freiherr von Lützow (tried and discharged of excessive corporal punishment and sexual abuse as a teacher)
  • 1965: Monique Von Cleef (became world-famous dominatrix after the 1965 police raid of her "House of Pain" in Newark, New Jersey.)
  • 2008: Max Mosley (secretly filmed in Nazi-themed S&M sex orgy with prostitutes)
  • 2014: Adrian Peterson (American Football player, tried and sentenced to probation, fine and community service for beating his four-year-old son with a switch


  • 1889: Nadezhda Sigida (the last female convict in Russia to be birched before it was banned)
  • 1994: Michael P. Fay (for receiving judicial caning in Singapore)
  • 1999: Amber Page (for receiving school paddling)
  • 2003: Audrey Pee (for receiving school paddling)
  • 2004: Louise Ogborn (for being abused and spanked on her workplace)
  • ?: Andrea Tsaknakis (journalist who says she was spanked by Saddam Hussein for asking a wrong question) - [1]
  • 2009: Teenaged girl in Swat Valley
  • 2010: Oliver Fricker (for receiving judicial caning in Singapore)
  • 2011: Hillary Adams (for being belted by her father William Adams, a Texas county judge, and releasing video footage of it)
  • May 2018: Singer Miley Cyrus spanked by her mother during Mother's Day photo shoot (video).
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