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Illustration by G. Topfer.

A pause is a rest or temporary stop.

Pauses in spanking[edit]

Pauses are a popular technique particularly for longer spanking sessions (see also long spanking). The spanker spanks for a while, then makes a pause, and after the pause resumes the spanking. This way a spanking becomes a chain of spanking phases and pauses. The pause allows the spankee to recover, and also gives the spanker a welcome rest. Making pauses is particularly popular in consensual spanking.

During the pause, the spankee will usually remain in position, giving the spanker the opportunity to talk to the spankee, e.g. discuss their misbehaviour and the need for punishment. Pauses are a core element of the so-called layer cake method.

In sensual spanking, pauses can also be used to rub the spankee's back and/or massage their buttocks, and are an ideal time for creative activities — for example running an ice cube over the hot-spanked rear. The spankee will usually be thankful for the pause and will be very submissive and compliant with whatever the spanker does or tells them to do.

Longer pauses[edit]

Vintage photograph of a woman kneeling in corner time.

For a longer pause, the spankee can also be told to get up and can be put, for example, in corner time to cool off and recover before the next "round" or "instalment" of their punishment is given.

During a pause the spankee will normally remain in any state of nudity they have been put in for their spanking — e.g. trousers or underwear remain down or off, skirts that have been raised remain up. Often, the spankee is explicitly forbidden to touch or rub their bottom. The hands on head pose is popular for the duration of a pause when the spankee is made to stand or kneel. Assuming such a shameful pose is meant to continue and reinforce the punishment during the pause.

Psychologic aspects[edit]

In spanking fiction, a popular plot device is that the spankee believes their spanking is finally over, when they learn to their distress that it is not over but just a pause, and in fact the next round after the pause will be even worse than what they have already gone through.

Another method sometimes encountered is not to tell the spankee when their spanking is over, but to leave them in uncertainty whether the current pause is only a pause (with more to follow) or whether their punishment is completed.