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Paul Rogers, also known as Tubaman, is a Texas-based spanking actor, and a spanking video producer via his production company Spanking 101 (a.k.a. Spanking 101: The Videos and He currently runs a clips store, Spanking 101 The Clips, and can be seen on numerous other spanking sites.

Rogers has also been running the annual Texas All-State Spanking Party (TASSP) for several years.

Spanking videos[edit]

Rogers may be best known as the "Daddy" scene parter of spanking actress and video producer Sarah Gregory. This personal role-play relationship (ageplay) has led to their making dozens of videos together with the same dynamic of Rogers disciplining Gregory, and sometimes other girls.

Below is a list of videos produced by Sarah Gregory Spanking featuring Paul Rogers in various disciplinarian roles.

  • Sarah Spanked by Her Men - first video with Sarah Gregory punished by both her real-life partner John Osborne and Rogers.
  • A Not So Happy Spanksgiving - Sarah Gregory and her scene "Mommy" Dana Specht
  • Alice Spanked by Grandpa
  • Bad Mother
  • Bathed and Burned
  • Bratty Sarah
  • Burned Bikini Bottoms - Sarah Gregory
  • Burn Sinners Burn - Sarah Gregory
  • But I Don't Wanna Go To Bed Daddy! - Sarah Gregory
  • Captain Paddle and Tinker Butt - Sarah Gregory
  • Charlie's Devils - Sarah Gregory, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, photos
  • Cheers for a Red Bottom - Sarah Gregory
  • Computer Error
  • Daddy Punishes Sarah
  • Daddy Spanks Sarah
  • Daddy Spanks Alex - Alex Reynolds
  • Daddy's Spanked Cheerleader
  • The Disciplinary Consultant - Amelia Jane Rutherford, photos
  • Disruption at Upton - Sarah Gregory
  • Drunk On Vacation - Sarah Gregory
  • Drunk on Vacation Again - Sarah Gregory
  • Escort Girl - Tem Amoretti
  • Fatherly Love - Sarah Gregory
  • Have Yourself a Naughty Little Christmas - Sarah Gregory
  • I Dream of Spanking
  • Lazy Little Elves
  • Leia in Hot Water - Leia-Ann Woods
  • The Messy Little Girl - Sarah Gregory
  • The Naughty Little Schoolgirl - Headmaster Rogers spanks Sarah
  • Paddled Cheerleader - Sarah punished by Principal Rogers
  • Pandora's Initiation - Pandora Blake, photos
  • Punishment in the Principal's Office - Principal Rogers spanks Christy Cutie
  • Prank On Daddy - Sarah Gregory
  • Reading, Writing, and Rulers - Sarah Gregory
  • The Rude Inn Keeper
  • Sarah In Trouble
  • Sarah's Shameful Spanking: Daddy's Turn
  • Sarah's Short Skirt
  • School Girls Punished
  • Seconds
  • The Silent Treatment - Isobel Wren
  • Snow Day, Hot Butt - Sarah Gregory
  • Spanked by Uncle (photos)
  • Spanking the Seniors - Sarah Gregory
  • Spankings In Nude Orleans - Sarah Gregory
  • Spellbound - Sarah Gregory
  • Splish Splash Spank - Sarah Gregory, photos
  • The Streaker
  • Stripper Whipper - Sarah Gregory
  • Striptease and Spanking
  • Tennis Team Trouble
  • Texting and Driving - Alex Reynolds
  • Thou Shalt Not Steal
  • Up All Night
  • The Wife and the Prostitute

Momma Spankings videos (produced by Sarah Gregory) featuring Rogers:

  • Daddy Spanks for Momma - Sarah Gregory
  • Disobedient Daughter Disciplined - Sarah Gregory
  • Grin and Bare It - Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht
  • Mommy and Daddy Punish Sarah
  • A Not So Happy Spanksgiving - Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht
  • Prom Night Punishment - Sarah Gregory, Dana Specht
  • Reyna Spanked By Mom and Dad
  • Spanked by Mommy and Daddy - Angel Lee
  • Stevie Spanked By Mom and Dad - Stevie Rose

Cheerleader Spankings titles with Rogers (another Sarah Gregory company)

  • Caught in a Lie - Coach rogers spanks Sarah Gregory
  • Cheers for a Red Bottom - Sarah Gregory
  • Grandpa Spanks Alice
  • Paddled Cheerleader - Principal Rogers spanks Sarah Gregory
  • Poor Grade Punishment - Principal Paul Rogers spanks Alex Reynolds
  • Spanked By Mom and Dad

Disciplinary Arts titles:

  • Bedtime Discipline
  • Family Trouble Part 1
  • Stealing from Grandpa (Kat St James), video clip at Spanking Library
  • The Misadventures of Adrian Shelly: Spanked for lies! (Kat St James)