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"Christmas Card" by Patty (2005).
"I'll try", illustration by Patty.

Patty, who also calls herself the wench, is a U.S. spanking artist who does M/F (and occasionally F/F) spanking drawings. Patty draws mainly in black and white and in sepia colors. Her art can be found on Patty's Gallery of Spanking Erotica (see link below).

She is also an author of stories and novellas on the subjects of spanking and domination and submission. These stories are published on her website Satin and Leather.

Patty was also the webmistress of a popular spanking blog called A Creative Spanked Wive (later renamed to A Creative Spanko Wench). She closed her blog after being blackmailed in July 2006. The blackmailer threatened to out her real life identity to her employer. You can read the story of her blackmailing on the link below.