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Parent is a family relationship that applies to:

  • a woman who has given birth to a child (a mother)
  • a man who has impregnated the mother (a biological father)
  • a man who is the mother's husband (a legal father, irrespective of biological fatherhood)
  • a man or woman who has adopted a child or who has otherwise taken on the responsibilities of parenting

Legally, parents have special responsibilities for their underage children, as well as a few special rights.

A parent's parent is a grandparent. A parent's brother is an uncle while a parent's sister is an aunt.


This is a tradition that has it's roots in Christian baptism (particularly Roman Catholicism due to infant baptism) where the parents asks another adult to stand with them and promise to help guide the spiritual growth of the child. Though on the cultural side it's also a promise to become the guardian of the child if something were to happen to the parents before the child reaches their majority.

Spanking videos[edit]

Videos in which both parents are shown disciplining a misbehaving daughter.

  • Mom's Strict Discipline: Dad's Home (Delco Video Productions), Cassidy Lau, Miss Jen, Mr. Rob, photos

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