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Various styles of panties.

Panties are underwear worn by girls and women. They cover only the groin and optionally the buttocks. The corresponding boy's and men's garments are called briefs.

In British English, panties are also known as knickers, pants, and undies. Other traditional terms for men's underwear include drawers and bloomers, but these—in their traditional forms—cover some length of the leg as well.

Types of panties that does not cover the buttocks (only the cleft between the buttocks) are called thong. A tanga covers more than a thong, but less than traditional panties.

Panties can be decorated with lace and/or frills.

Panties in spanking[edit]

Bikini-style panties often leave the lower part of the bottom exposed.


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"It won't spank itself."
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When a spanking is given on the seat of the panties, often the lower part of the buttocks is bare due to the cut of the panties. This means that the sweet spot is effectively unprotected, whereas only the upper regions enjoy a little protection from the one layer of fabric. A spanking on the panties is very common, e.g. in cases where complete nudity is not felt appropriate, such as for reasons of modesty, for a spanking in public, or for warm-up.

Panties are also often taken down in spanking, leading to a bare bottom spanking. They can also be pulled into the crack between the buttocks to expose the buttocks without removing the underwear.

In some cases, a woman or girl who has just been spanked bare-bottom is required to carry her panties in her hand, as a form of humiliation.

Open underwear[edit]

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In the 19th and early 20th century, before elastic fabrics and waistbands were invented, underwear was often equipped with an opening in the rear for toilet use. In those days, bare bottom spankings were often given without taking the panties down, as the spankee's bottom could be more easily bared by simply pulling this rear panty slit wide open.

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