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Pam Foss is an American sculptor born in 1944, and a writer.

"Tables Turned" (1990)[edit]

Tables Turned (1990 side).

Foss is one of only a handful of artists in the world who created works of spanking in sculpture. Her figurative bronze sculpture "Tables Turned" (created in 1990) shows two couples from different time periods engaged in OTK spanking: one is M/F and the other one is F/M.

The M/F couple is dressed in the clothing of the 1890s. The woman's bottom is bared for the hairbrush; her feet are in the air, kicking. On the other side, the F/M couple is from the 1990s – the female figure is a dominatrix dressed in fetishistic leather and boots. The man's upper body is naked and his pants and briefs are lowered for the paddle she is raising.

Foss explains on her website she created this work as a humorous, yet passionate expression of her belief in the equality of men and women.

Copies of the sculpture were advertised for sale through spanking video producer Shadow Lane, among other firms, but the producers are no longer in business.

"Give Your Man a Helping Hand" (1995)[edit]

Give Your Man a Helping Hand: A True Story about Domestic Discipline is a domestic discipline novel by Pam Foss and her husband Bob, published (according to Google Books) by M. Ireland Publications in 1995. It has no ISBN. According to QSM, the book is self-published and is currently only available through them.