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Note: The correct title of this article is pain4fem (in lower case).

pain4fem is an Austrian-Slovakian spanking video producer founded in 2004 that produces full-length spanking videos released in DVD format as well as scores of short video clips for a family of websites. Their film studio is located in Bratislava, forty miles east of Vienna.

The company is owned and operated by writer-director Peter Schober and his wife, Helen. Diseno Media HPS s.r.o. in Slovakia handles the production and distribution of the films and also manages their websites.

History and business model[edit]

Pain4fem existed as a stand-alone video producer from 2004 to 2010. After 2010, production ceased under the parent company name and shifted to a series of subdivisions with specialized content, each with their own website. These include:

  • SpankingServer or Spanking Server (spanking, caning, whipping, BDSM videos available on Clips4sale)
  • Spanking Video Club (spanking, caning, whipping, BDSM videos available on Clips4sale)
  • The Spanking Machine (mechanized flogging and spanking clips)
  • SpankingClips.EU
  • Only Fans (with exclusive behind the scenes content)
  • Falakaonline (bastinado foot-beating videos)
  • (compilations of CP scenes from movies and television)
  • 2Punish (short videos with little or no dialog or story)

Style and content[edit]

Pain4fem's videos are female-submissive and feature scenes of M/F and/or F/F corporal punishment. This includes a range of domestic, school, hospital, jail, and prison stories, with an increased emphasis on judicial and institutional punishments involving a bound or shackled spankee. They use a variety of implements (paddle, strap, carpet beater, etc.), but most videos feature severe canings and floggings. The company is also known for its long series of breast and back whipping videos and use of the pillory and St. Andrews cross.

Besides feature-length films, they also produce a wide variety of short pay-per-view videos (3-5 minutes long) for their subscriber websites such as The Spanking Machine, Elite Spanking, The Whipping Machine, and Falaka Online (foot-caning bastinado videos). One-hour compilations of these short web videos have also been released on DVD.

Most of their videos are shot in a large multi-room basement studio. Depending on the story, filming is sometimes done at outdoor locations (such as Boot Camp and Drug Patrol) in and around Vienna. Peter Schober is the writer, director, editor, cameraman, and star of nearly every production. Helen Schober is a camera operator and also performs in several films, usually as an authority figure. They also make films from story ideas submitted by fans such as Strict Prison 2 and The Spy (starring Niki Flynn).

Actors, genres and settings[edit]

The stories are told in a mixture of German and Slovak with added English subtitles. Similar to Lupus Pictures, pain4fem uses mostly inexperienced Czech models drawn from local talent agencies and Czech porn stars instead of professional spanking actresses. Two notable exceptions include the British Pandora Blake (founder of Dreams of Spanking), and now-retired Niki Flynn, who wrote about her experience in her autobiographical book, Dances with Werewolves.

Other similarities between pain4fem and Lupus include ambitious storytelling, the use of historical settings, supernatural elements, and tales with an anti-fascist sentiment. Painful Exorcism and The Thieves are set in the Middle Ages, The Spy illustrates the brutality of Nazi Germany, and The Pioneers explores Communist oppression in the 1980s.

The ever-popular women in prison film sexploitation genre that began in the '70s has been the inspiration for the Strict Prison series (four volumes, thus far).

List of released movies[edit]

p4f series[edit]

  • p4f 016 Fugitive Patrol (photos)
  • p4f 028 Spa Patrol (2008), photos

brave series[edit]