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Sailors paddling an errant sailor with a cobbing board; a wooden plank of a barrel of which there were plenty of on a ship.[1] This illustration is from Alfred Burton's The Adventures of Johnny Newcombe in the Navy, London, 1818.
Paddling sketch by Jameslovebirch based on a '60s magazine photo (2012).

A paddling is a spanking administered with a paddle to the buttocks of a male or female. The spankee may be clothed or have the buttocks exposed, perhaps by having the pants pulled down. Paddling is commonly used in the (mainly Southern and rural) United States.

History of paddling[edit]

The origins of paddling as a method of corporal punishment are unknown. From antiquity and the middle ages, no record of hitting the buttocks with a wooden-board-like implement has been found yet.

In the 18th century, the practice is known to be used among English sailors, where it was referred to as cobbing. The implement itself was called a cobbing-board.

Cobbing: a punishment sometimes inflicted at sea. It is performed by striking the offender a certain number of times on the breech with a flat piece of wood called the cobbing-board. It is chiefly used as a punishment to those who quit their station during the period of the night-watch.
  — William Falconer: An Universal Dictionary of the Marine, 1769[2]

The same dictionary from 1769 also listed the synonyms:

  • Baton de justice: a cobbing-board. (From French: "stick of justice".)
  • Gourdin: a cobbing-board, used to punish the slaves in the gallies. (In French, a gourdin is a heavy stick or club.)

The following excerpt from an article gives some further details:

English sailors referred to paddling as “cobbing,” from the word “cob,” which meant to fight or strike. The “cobbing board” was usually created from the plank of a wooden barrel that contained the “bunghole,” which was a hole drilled into the barrel to allow liquid to flow out. As a means of punishment, the hole in the board allowed air to pass through resulting in harsher blows whereas a solid board would result in a more cushioned blow. Eventually, more holes were carved into the boards to increase the intensity of the punishment. Paddling at sea was eventually imitated on land and brought to the United States by slave traders as a way to punish slaves without leaving visible damage, thereby lowering their value to potential purchasers. By the early nineteenth century, paddles were specially carved for beatings to suit the beater’s preference – shuttle necks were carved as a handle, many still contained holes, sizes and shapes ranged from tennis racquets to oars to pizza-style boards, and the larger paddles were made from oak or hickory. Prisons and schools also adopted paddling as a method of corporal punishment.
  — Alexandra Lehman, A Brief History of Fraternity/Sorority Paddles and Recommendations[3]

School paddlings in the U.S.[edit]

The wooden paddle is the most popular implement for corporal punishment in U.S. schools that still allow corporal punishment. As of 2008, school paddling is permitted in 21 states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming (source:

In the year 2015, more than 33,000 students were paddled in the U.S. state Alabama alone, which is 4.5 percent of the student population.[4]

Paddling in other contexts[edit]

Paddling also has a long tradition in U.S. fraternities, sororities, sports teams and similar social institutions.

In consensual spanking, paddling is common because paddles are widely available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Paddling in mainstream film[edit]

Examples of paddling scenes in mainstream movies:

Paddling in spanking fetish videos[edit]

Below is list of videos that mostly feature wooden paddles. For other variants, see leather paddle, lexan, Jokari paddle, paddleball, and ping-pong paddle.

Jokari paddling from amateur video Final Exam.
Several homemade wooden paddles get a workout in "Punished Schoolgirl" (a video by Jameslovebirch).
  • Cute Little Deer with the Bear Behind (Naughty Daughters Spanked, 2023), Miss Phoenix, Taylor, paddle with words "For The Cute Little Deer With The Bear Behind" (photos)
  • Encouragement is Important (Dana Kane Spanks), Zis Kane, photos
  • Monica's Office Paddling (RealSpankings Institute, 2007), Ms. Burns, photos
  • Obey Your Elders: Stevie Paddled Bare for Sassing the Sitter (I Heart Spankings, 2023), Stevie Rose, photos
  • Step Dad’s Frat Paddle: Bare Bottom Swats for Maddy (Assume The Position Studios, 2023), Maddy Marks, photos

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