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Spanking: Sometimes Nothing Else Will Do The Job. "Motivational poster".

A paddle is a spanking implement that roughly resembles a paddle used for rowing and canoeing, only smaller, flatter, and with a shorter handle. Spanking with a paddle is known as paddling; it is the most common type of corporal punishment in U.S. schools.

It is usually made of a rectangular wooden board with rounded edges and two cutaways to form a handle by which it can be swung. The paddle may be the only spanking implement commonly left on public display, i.e., the emblematic Greek paddles that decorate the walls of most college fraternity and sorority houses.

In French, a paddle is called tapette. In German, there is no traditional word for this spanking implement, but contemporary spankophiles and (web) shops sometimes call it Paddel, which is a literal translation of the English word paddle.


Commercial varnished beechwood Spencer paddle.

Paddles come in a wide range of sizes. Bigger and longer paddles work best for a standing spanker and also require better aiming skills. They do not work well for spanking positions where the the spanker is seated and very close to the spankee's buttocks, such as the over-the-knee position. Smaller paddles work well in practically any spanking position.

Its size, thickness and type of wood will influence a paddle's weight. Paddles made of materials other than wood include leather, polyurethane and lexan paddles, among others.

In terms of shapes, a paddle's business end can be rectangular, round, oval, or for more playful purposes, in the shape of a heart or a hand. Some spanking paddles are based on recreational items such as the ping-pong paddle and paddleball design.

Paddles, especially wooden ones, often have holes drilled through the hitting end which increases the force of the impact by reducing its wind resistance. This paddle type is known as a Spencer paddle, said to be named after its inventor, an American school teacher named Harold Spencer who reasoned in the 1930s that a wooden paddle could be made more stingy that way.[1] Such paddles have a risk of raising blisters when used on the bare bottom unless the edges of the holes are very well sanded/rounded off.

There are also spanking paddles without a handle (short boards) to be strapped to the hand (Spanking Buddy).

Making a paddle[edit]

For safety reasons, all edges of a paddle should be well rounded and the surface should be smooth and without any splinters. There are many companies in the U.S. that sell spanking paddles (see below), however it is not difficult to make a paddle yourself. You can follow e.g. these working steps:

  1. select a wooden board of desired material, quality and thickness
  2. saw the board to the desired width and length
  3. plane the surface, if necessary
  4. draw the handle and saw it out
  5. rasp all edges, rounding them well
  6. rasp the handle so that it feels good in your hand and gives best control
  7. if desired, draw holes, drill and countersink them (important to avoid blisters!)
  8. you may also want to drill a hole in the handle to hang up the paddle later
  9. sand the paddle well on all sides
  10. varnish the paddle on all sides

Paddle letterings[edit]

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Sometimes paddles are lettered with a humorous slogan or poem related to spanking. Examples of paddle slogans are:

Examples of paddle rhymes are:

  • Never spank a child in the face - Nature provides a better place.
  • For boys who tease and girls who tattle there's nothing more handy than grandma's paddle
  • Dad's Rules: No Fussin', No Fightin', No Cussin', No Bitin', No Spittin', No Trippin' OR YOU'LL GET A WHIPPIN'
  • We show her we love her / We show her we care / When we spank our <NAME> / On her bare

Two examples of longer paddle poems (hosted on Handprints) are here and here. And here is another longer example.

Spanking videos and films[edit]

See "paddling" page for lists of spanking videos and mainstream films featuring various paddles.


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