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Pacific Force is a Hollywood-based spanking company that produces traditional, straightforward spanking videos. The company was formed in 1992 by Jacqueline Omerta (aka Mistress Jacqueline) and Vinnie Spit (Spitliano). Omerta writes, directs, and frequently appears on camera as the ever-furious, no-nonsense disciplinarian. Spit also directs, films, edits, composes music for each title, and sometimes performs in M/F scenes.

Style and content[edit]

The company produces two lines of videos: female submissive (mostly F/F, some mixed F/F & M/F titles), and "Women Who Spank Men" (F/M). The more severe titles generally feature Mistress Jacqueline as the uncompromising and hard-spanking aunt, teacher, therapist, principal or boss.

Similar to Shadow Lane, Pacific Force concentrates on traditional over-the-knee "teaching a lesson" discipline stories in a domestic, office, and school setting. Firm "for your own good" style punishments are administered with a variety of hairbrushes, paddles, leather straps, and the occasional caning. Many of their DVDs contain two separate half-hour stories related to a common theme.

The stories all take place in clean, well-lit rooms, as opposed to a sinister dungeon or industrial building. They eschew bondage, whipping, and other S&M trappings. There are no stories involving abduction, slavery, or sadism. No one is forced against their will. All spankees are shown to consent, however reluctantly and with much complaining, to a disciplinary punishment that they deserve.

So far, they have done one feature, Disciplined Down On The Farm, filmed outdoors at an actual animal farm. Although Pacific Force repeatedly uses the same living-room type set and props, the overall production quality (lighting, editing, cameras, etc.) remains at a consistently high level.

Reality videos[edit]

Omerta is also a couples counselor with a Master's degree in clinical psychology. She's active in the fetish community, and, in her spare time, conducts private FemDom sessions as a dominatrix-for-hire. As a result, she's created a unique series of "reality" videos where she interviews real discipline-lifestyle couples. So far, there are 5 volumes of Real Couples, Real Spankings. The first volume introduces a married couple who went on to appear in Disciplined Down On The Farm along with their daughter — most likely the only father-mother-daughter video of its kind.

Real Couples, Real Spankings: Volume #5 features amateur Cynthia Spouting and her husband. She returned for two more videos: True Life Spanking Girls, Volume 3 and I Want To Be Spanked Until I Cry Real Tears.

True Life Spanking Girls (three volumes thus far) documents the first on-camera sessions of Pacific Force customers who wanted to meet and be punished by the hard-hitting Jacqueline. Each volume contains two non-actresses who are interviewed and then disciplined by Jacqueline. The segment with Rebecca DeSage in Volume 1 (originally released on VHS as Spanked Way Past Her Limits) features the company's most brutally severe sequence, and one of the hardest spankings ever put on film.

Porn stars[edit]

In addition to working with girl-next-door amateurs, they occasionally employ well-known porn stars such as Francesca Le (Real Spankings at Pacific Force) and Ashley Fires, who appeared under the name "Angel" in Spanked and Shaved, All Girls Get Spanked, and Bruised and Broken. Japanese adult star Mika Tan played a naughty maid in Spanked Asian Girls: Volume 2 and Sore Ending, and porn actress Gia Regency suffered through Serious Hard Spankings, Spanked Bubble Butts, and College Girls Get Paddled After School.

Direct Your Own Spanking Video is an especially innovative title that takes full advantage of interactive DVD technology. Here, the viewer has menu options to change the scenario, costume (maid, schoolgirl, nurse), and implements at will.

Jacqueline has done private punishment sessions with well-known Hollywood celebrities and was also hired as a consultant to teach Madonna how to be a dominant for the 1993 erotic thriller Body of Evidence.

Changes in products and services[edit]

Originally, the company sold full-length features on video and DVD directly from its website via an illustrated catalog. As of 2015, that service (and catalog) no longer exists. The Pacific Force website has been reduced to one page with links to a clip-store and download service operated by Spanked Soundly. The three links go to: Clips 4 Sale, Video Streaming (both offering short clips), and Video Downloads, where one can purchase a digital copy of a complete feature.

List of released movies[edit]

  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #1
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #2
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #3
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #4
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #5
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #6
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #7
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #8
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #9
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #10
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #11
  • Spanking Triple-Play: Volume #12 (review on
  • Wendy's Punishment (part of the Wendy Trilogy series)
    • Starring Francesca Le & Jacqueline Omerta
  • Before We Get Married
    • Starring Francesca Le & Jacqueline Omerta
  • Exercise the Right to Discipline
    • Starring Francesca Le & Jacqueline Omerta
  • Punishment Spankings at Pacific Force (review on
    • Starring Francesca Le & Jacqueline Omerta & another girl
  • Serious Hard Spankings (review on
    • Starring Belinda Clark, Gia Regency, Breeze, Jacqueline Omerta
  • Spanked Within An Inch of Her Life (review on
  • Stay The Hell Out of My Room
  • Spanked Female Students
  • Stern Step-Sister
  • Severe Corporal Punishment
    • Starring Jacqueline Omerta, Katrina Rose, Morgan Fairlane, Kathy Wilson, Vinnie Spit
  • Big Girls Do Cry
  • Real Spankings At Pacific Force
    • Starring Francesca Le & Jacqueline Omerta
  • Defiant to Compliant
    • Starring Jacqueline Omerta, Trisha Monroe, Sera Emend, Roma
  • Double Discipline
    • Starring Jacqueline Omerta

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