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Pablo Stubbs is an author of spanking stories, mostly M/F, and sometimes F/f or f/f. He is married to Mija, whom he met via the newsgroup, and together they run the website The Treehouse, mostly for their spanking writings, fictional and factual.

Pablo has served as moderator for soc.sexuality.spanking for at least two terms, as organizer of the Summer Story Contest in two different years, and in early 2006 was appointed the "bot-operator" (technical moderator) of SSS. He has also hosted the SSC archives for a time. He was one of the formal proponents in the proposal that created SSS.

He has not published a large number of spanking stories, but several of the ones he has published are widely regarded as of very high quality, particularly including "Such a Good Girl", its sequel "Such a Naughty Girl", and "Will I Cry, Sis?".

Pablo is English by birth and education, but he presently (as of May 2006) resides in the United States.

Specific stories[edit]

  • "Such a Good Girl" is the story of Sally Heriot, a senior student at an english boarding school, where corporal punishment is frequently used. Sally is being considered for the position of Head Girl, in which post she will be called on to punish other students who violate the many rules.
  • "Such a Naughty Girl" shows how even the respected Head Girl can get into trouble, by being tempted to go further with punishment than she is entitled to. It also shows us a good deal more about the operation of Sally's school, and how punishments are conducted there.
  • "Will I Cry, Sis?" takes place in an imagined future England, where neither teachers nor parents are allowed to resort to spanking. Instead a girl who has been reported for naughtiness must report to an official Discipline Centre. Wendy, who has just been paddled and caned at a Centre, explains matters to her younger sister, who is scheduled for her first visit to a Centre the next morning, and comforts her.


Pablo has written (in the notes to "Will I Cry, Sis?") that spanking in comics was a major influence on him as he was growing up, particularly the Bash Street kids and the UK version of Dennis the Menace (a completely separate comic character from the US character of the same name).