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Note: This article is about the expression or abbreviation. For the wiki policy meanings, see Point of view.

The expression point of view, abbreviated POV, stands for any specific view or viewpoint taken. This can be physical or metaphorically, such as an opinion or a way of looking at a thing.

In various media[edit]

Spanker's POV, inked drawing by Spankart (2003).

In film, a point of view shot is a short film scene that shows what a character is looking at (represented through the camera).

In BDSM and spanking videos, a POV video is one where the performer talks directly into the camera, addressing the viewer and giving them, for example, a lecture or orders. Such videos are produced, for example, by Dana Kane. Similarly there are POV photos in which (usually dominant) models are looking directly into the camera.

There are also stories in which the protagonist or another main character is referred to by the second-person pronoun "you" (second-person narrative).


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