Over two laps

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Artwork by Aprion (2011).
Artwork by Danny M (2018).


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Drawing by Sassy Bottoms

Over two laps is a spanking position in which the spankee is spanked by two spankers. The spankers take a seat on opposite chairs such that their thighs interlock and form a "double lap" for the spankee to lie over in the OTK fashion.


The spankers can then alternate in spanking, or spank simultaneously (each having "their" bottom cheek). While one is spanking, the other can use two hands to hold the spankee down in position, to keep his/her arms out of the way, or to rub the spankee's back or thighs in the case of a sensual spanking. In the case of erotic spanking, it may even be possible that one spanker plays with the spankee's genitals while the other is spanking him or her — something that is difficult to do when there is only one spanker. When both are spanking, they can use two different implements such that the spankee can have the unique experience of being, for example, hand-spanked and paddled, or paddled and whipped, at the same time.

Warning: The spankers will want to always watch each other carefully so that they will never collide. This is particularly important whenever an implement is used. A paddle stroke on the back of a hand can lead to serious injury.

An ideal combination would be to have one right-handed and one left-handed spanker.

In film[edit]

The "over two laps" technique is seen in the spanking video The Awakening of Innocence starring Rosaleen Young, where she is put over the 'double lap' of "Aunt Sally" (Sarah Lewis), and Earl Grey.


  • A variant is to have two spankers sit opposing each other such that their knees touch, legs closed. The spankee then lies lengthwise over this 'double lap', straddling it like a birching horse, with the spankee's face in the crotch area of one spanker. This is in a way like the bongo position with additional support for the spankee's upper body.
  • Another variant is that the spankee rests on some furniture or spanking furniture, or stands free (bent over), and the two spankers stand or sit at his or her sides. They can then each use one hand and arm to hold the spankee firmly in this position and one hand to spank his or her bottom.
  • Another variant would be to put two spankees over the combined lap (facing the same or opposite directions). Warning: When they are facing opposite directions, the spankers must be careful not to accidentally hit the other spankee's head.


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