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Stinging nettles used in Ostra Studio photo (c.1935).

An outdoor spanking is a spanking that is given outdoors, either in the privacy of an enclosed garden or courtyard, or in public. The opposite is an indoor spanking.

Examples of possible outdoor spanking locations:

  • in a park
  • by a lake
  • by a river
  • in the woods
  • in the mountains
  • at the beach
  • in an open field
  • in a plantation
  • in a garden
  • in a front/back yard
  • by a pool
  • on a terrace, porch, balcony or roof-deck
  • on the deck of a ship
  • in a street
  • in a parking lot
  • in a rest area
  • in a schoolyard
  • in a camp
  • on an island
  • in a desert
  • in a national park
  • in a playground


[edit] Mainstream films

Playful consensual spanking photo from France with Ostra Studio logo (c. 1930s).

A partial list of mainstream films, and a few TV shows, with outdoor corporal punishment scenes.

[edit] Spanking videos

Special Exercises (website), a Russian company, films many of its videos in the open air. These feature nude female slaves being disciplined while forced to perform humiliating gymnastics and other forms of physical training.

Below is a selected list of other corporal punishment fetish videos with spanking and whipping scenes conducted outdoors.

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