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"Compu" by Oscar (2012).

Oscar is a Mexican graphic designer and illustrator. He creates spanking art since 1999. Oscar speaks Spanish as his mother tongue and English as a second language.

Oscar's main spanking art gender combinations are M/F and F/F, although he has also done F/M works. Oscar's favorite artistic techniques are ink and watercolor. He prefers cartoon style, although he also likes to work in different styles and techniques. Oscar has also done spanking art in manga style.

According to his own words, Oscar doesn't dedicate a lot of time to a single drawing. He likes to solve them quick and intuitively, although this sometimes sacrifices their quality. Oscar likes his drawings to tell tales, and better still, to do this in comics. He defines himself as "un autor desconocido, descolorido y desconcertante" (roughly translated to "an unknown, colorless and disconcerting author".

Oscar is the creator of the spanking comic series Mari (since 2008).