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Cunnilingus in a hentai drawing.
Vintage illustration of the sex position "69" with birching or whipping.

Oral sex is the use of the mouth, tongue, and possibly throat, to stimulate another person's erogenous zones, especially their genitalia but also possibly their anus. It may be used as foreplay before sexual intercourse, as climax of a sexual act, or even following intercourse. Oral sex may or may not include the ingestion or absorption of semen and/or vaginal fluids.

Forms of oral sex are fellatio (oral stimulation of the penis) and cunnilingus (oral stimulation of the female genitals, especially the clitoris). Two partners (in various combinations) may simultaneously perform oral sex in an act called 69, where the penis and/or labia are kissed and sucked. Thus, the mouth of each is between the partners legs.

The oral stimulation of the anus is called anilingus.


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